Galway’s Kai Restaurant Flying the Flag at International Food Forum

PARABERE FORUM, an independent non-profit international platform featuring women’s views and voices on major food issues was held in Bilbao in Spain on March 1st and 2nd. Galway’s Jess Murphy who is head chef and co owner of Kai Cafe and Restaurant was honoured with an invitation of attendance this year.

The forum brings together leaders from all over the world – women and men – representing the business world, the government, academic circles and culture in order to give new perspectives to key issues on food.

“I was honoured to be asked to attend and the experience was incredible. To be there discussing and listening to talks on “Changing the Status Quo: empowering women in the agriculture sector in Ethopia” to Dr Vandana Shiva “Women, seed and science” is something I will never forget. It has really energised and encouraged me to do even more with food and explore how as women in this industry we need to ensure we are taking the lead in this very male dominated industry,” explained Jess.

PARABERE FORUM wants to create a powerful, global network in order to strengthen the influence of women in the food sector. “This is something I would love to encourage in Ireland, to open up the discussion, to bring women from cross food sectors together, to collaborate and support one another in the creation and in the promote diversity in gastronomy.”

The event is viewed as one of great importance on the world food stakes. To have been invited is a sign of utter respect in the food world, great news for Galway and equally for female chefs far and wide.


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