Galway Butcher to Supply 72 Embassies Worldwide on St. Patrick’s Day

Justin McGeough McGeoghs Butcher

One of the Ireland and Galway’s most distinguished artisan producers, award-winning McGeough’s Artisan Butcher based in Oughterard, Co. Galway will continue their yearly collaboration with Bord Bia and the Department of Foreign Affairs this St Patrick’s Day.

McGeough’s are renowned for their high quality produce and award winning selection of air dried meats, most famously is their Irish lamb, air-dried in Connemara which is unique to Ireland. It marries old Irish tradition with an innovative modern twist.

72 Embassies in all corners of the world from China, South America, the USA, and all over Europe will enjoy a selection of McGeough’s finest produce this St Patrick’s Day, presented in a special hamper complete with the very best selection of artisan Irish produce. This unique opportunity has gained the Artisan butcher McGeough’s worldwide recognition over the last number of years, and their delicacies are now sought after in countries all over the globe. The award winning air dried meats were also enjoyed by a Prince Charles during his historic to the Irish Embassy in London in 2010 as the first member of the British Royal Family to do so.

Now in its third generation, the family-run business is the essence of Irish tradition intertwined with modern innovation. McGeough’s was established in 1971 by the late Eamonn Mc Geough. From small beginnings in the West of Ireland, Mc Geough’s revolutionary approach played a major role in securing the butcher’s status as one of Ireland’s leading meat visionaries. The family business is now run by Eamon’s son James, whose skill as a German trained master butcher has greatly added to their legendary reputation. Following 6 years of training in Germany, James brought his Master skill home with him, equipped with innovation, passion and a visionary approach. He began experimenting and developing new products, marrying his new skill with the traditional Irish ethos of the family business to create revolutionary produce with a distinctive Connemara touch.

The master butchers are a household name amongst the artisan food sector in Ireland and have won accolades for their unique speciality meats of the highest quality, specialising in fresh sausages, puddings, air dried lamb and pork and an assortment of superb meats. Their high quality selection of meats includes their Irish lamb and cured meats using local herbs and spices, and their famous dried meats are dried from many months to years in a custom built temperature controlled and EU-approved premises and smoked using beech chips, turf or oak, with each tasting note giving their superb products a truly unique and distinct taste of Connemara.

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