Galway Bay Two Hundred Fathoms – Craft Beer Review

Galway Bay Two Hundred Fathoms

Ageing beer in whiskey casks is not exactly a new idea, rather something that has been done the years, with Scottish brewery Innis & Gunn using this concept effectively as their business model for over a decade now. However, when news broke over one year ago that Galway Bay Brewery would be teaming up with the folks from Teeling Whiskey, there was definitely a spike in interest nationwide.

This interest quickly turned into adoration for those who were lucky enough to grab a taste of this stunning aged stout, Two Hundred Fathoms, when it made it’s brief but bright fluttering of a debut on a very limited run across the Galway Bay bars last year. Well it’s that time of year again and we can expect to find this highly sought after stout gracing the bars of the Galway Bay group once again as well as selected off-licences. However, with many dealers already taking pre-orders, do not expect to find Two Hundred Fathoms bottles on shelves, but rather reserved behind counters for those customers who have gone out of their way for a chance to get their hands on what it’s surely to be one of the tastiest beers of the year.

Matured in the finest, hand selected, Teeling Whiskey small batch rum barrels, the stout pours near black with a short tan head and is full of big, bold flavours. Chocolate and coffee notes are the first to hit hard, then give way to strong, but not overly intense, smoky whiskey flavour. This is a special beer, as evident by the wax seal on each one of the bottles. Not one for sinking many, but rather one for spending a day looking forward to getting home and savouring a single bottle.

Two Hundred Fathoms is absolutely superb, but get one quick before they go!

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