Dublin Cheese pulls meltdown

From cheese toasties to mozzarella sticks, here are some of the best Dublin cheese pulls

Whether it’s a cheeseboard, a cheese toastie or mozzarella sticks, cheese comes in all shapes and sizes, and we don’t discriminate here – they’re all wonderful. We’ve got a non-exhaustive list of some of our favourite Dublin cheese pulls, so head down to these spots and thank us later.


You may think a cheese toastie is just some cheese between two slices of bread, but Meltdown prove that a good cheese toastie needs plenty of TLC. What started as a pop up in 2018 has turned into heaven for all cheese lovers. Whether you’re after BBQ Pulled Pork with Mac and Cheese or just a simple cheese toastie with all the melty decadence, Meltdown guarantees an oeey gooey cheese pull. Make sure to dip your toastie into one of their many firey Meltdown Hot Sauces to round out your visit.

Krewe mozzarella sticks dublin cheese pulls

Well known for their New Orleans inspired dishes, you’ll find comfort food galore at Krewe. Fried chicken in all shapes and sizes, loaded fries and decadent beignets, whatever you opt for at Krewe is sure to go down a treat. For the ultimate cheesy goodness, look no further than their Mozzarella Sticks. Simple is best – just good old deep fried mozzarella paired with a tangy marinara sauce. The result? World’s greatest cheese pull. They’ve just opened their new location in Charlemont Square too!


If you’re looking to experience an NYC sandwich in the heart of Dublin, Doughboys is the spot for you. New Yorkers are known for their luscious sandwiches, so a cheese toastie from here is sure to impress. Their menu is full of incredibly appetising sandwiches, with everything from a Pastrambo to a Chicken Bacon Ranch, but the one that’s caught our eye is their Truffle Melt – Mozzarella, Red Cheddar, Provolone, Caramelised Onion and Truffle Mayo… absolutely divine.

Fade Street Social
Fade Street Social macaroni cheese dublin cheese pulls

One of Dylan McGrath’s spots, Fade Street Social serves wood fired dishes ranging from sourdough pizza, to steak, to a roasted pork belly. The cheesy element here is their Smoked Short Rib Macaroni & Cheese with Truffle, and it includes 4 types of cheese. Truffle and cheese are the best combination, so adding a smoky short rib and some pasta to the mix makes it the perfect storm. Make your visit extra cheesy by trying their baked Camembert – you’ll be getting a cheese pull left right and centre here!

Toons Bridge

Home to plenty of delicious cheeses, Toons Bridge operate in West Cork and make their own cheeses, with a focus on Mediterranean cheeses – think Halloumi, Scamorza and of course, Mozzarella, AKA the cheese with the most oozing potential. Grab a Caprese toastie at their shop in Dublin 4 and delight in their homemade Mozzarella, for what’s sure to be a very satisfying cheese pull.

Fallon and Byrne

Fallon and Byrne‘s cheese counter is everybody’s go-to spot for quality cheese for your Christmas cheeseboards, but if you want someone else to treat you to a fabulous selection of cheese, head to the Wine Cellar! Their cheeseboards are seasonal, and it’s your lucky day because currently, the Mont D’Or is in season and is absolutely perfect when warmed up and gooey, especially with a glass of wine. Their truffle brie is also another great option, but whatever you choose you’ll certainly be delighted.


Dublin’s favourite pasta and small plates spot, Sprezzatura serves affordable, innovative dishes. Their additions to the Dublin cheese pulls? Four cheese arancini, plus their gooey fonduta. Everyone loves arancini – they’re deep-fried balls of joy! Adding four cheeses into the mix guarantees an impressive cheese pull that will certainly wow you. Sprezzatura’s fonduta is best enjoyed by dipping their Tartine sourdough bread and delighting in what’s sure to be a cheesy good time. We have to give a shoutout to their Toonsbridge Straciatella, which is literally just a bowl of cheese. You can’t go wrong!


Another spot dedicated to the art of the cheese toastie, Griolladh started out at festivals before moving to their now permanent locations around the city centre. A mishmash of textures, flavours, and electric pink garlic dip, whatever toastie you choose, you’ll be guaranteed satisfaction. If you’re looking for an extra special sandwich, you must try their Beefo – 12-hour cooked brisket, topped with its cooking jus and a house pastrami spice – sounds incredible.

Loose Canon

With a carefully curated selection of cheeses, Loose Canon is a sure-fire spot to get some delicious cheese toasties. A wine and cheese bar at its core, you can elevate your experience by pairing your toastie with one of the wines from their extensive, and impressive, selection. Nothing truly sounds better than a charcuterie board, a glass of wine and… a gooey cheese toastie.

Paulie’s Pizza

We won’t mention the obvious – the cheese pull contender is not Paulie’s pizza, it’s Paulie’s Pizza’s fried mozzarella bocconcini. Although the pizza is cheesy, these bocconcini are balls of deep fried cheese AKA cheese pull heaven. Once again, we are advocates for fried cheese, and mozzarella is the perfect cheese for the job. If you’re heading to Paulie’s for these balls of goodness, be sure to order their pizza (you can’t not!), as you’ll certainly be impressed.

Article by Sara Abdulmagid

I’m a Palestinian who grew up in Cyprus and moved to Dublin in 2013, so I’ve had a mishmash of different cultures and cuisines surrounding me my whole life. I’m an avid foodie, and after realising that life as a lawyer was not for me, I studied media and became a radio host for Dublin City FM. I’m now writing for TheTaste full time, but I also have my own food blog where you can find a mixture of restaurant reviews and the occasional recipe. I talk a lot about being Palestinian; to be honest, I talk a lot in general. That’s why I did radio!

From cheese toasties to mozzarella sticks, here are some of the best Dublin cheese pulls

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