French Toast Two Ways Recipe from A Cookbook Collection

French Toast Two Ways Recipe by Donna Hennessy

Weekend breakfasts are my favourite meal of the week. Sometimes I like to go all out and treat myself to French toast. It is best made with bread that is slightly stale or go for full indulgence and use a brioche loaf.

Serves 2


 4 slices of bread (6 if it is a small loaf)
 2 eggs
 250ml of milk
 A few drops of vanilla extract
 Butter for frying
 100g of strawberries
 2 tsp of caster sugar
 ½ tsp of vanilla extract
– 50g of cream cheese
 50ml of double cream
– 1 tsp of apple syrup or honey
 Nutella (optional)
– Icing sugar for dusting


1. If the strawberries you are using are not the sweetest or are out of season, the following method will produce lovely sweet berries in delicious syrup: Chop the strawberries into small pieces and mix in the sugar and vanilla. Set them to one side to allow the strawberries to macerate. If you have good strawberries you can simply chop them and serve them in their natural state.
2. Heat a large non stick frying pan over a medium high heat. When it is hot, reduce the heat to medium low and melt a large knob of butter in the pan.
3. In a shallow dish whisk together the eggs, milk and vanilla until completely combined. Add some cinnamon if you like. Dip both sides of the bread into the egg mixture until the bread is soaked but don’t let it become too soggy or it will fall apart.
4. Fry the bread in the melted butter until golden brown on each side. Be patient, this will take several minutes per side. Don’t turn up the heat or the outside of the bread will burn.
5. While the bread is frying put the cream cheese, cream and syrup into a bowl and beat together until thickened and fully combined. Taste and add more syrup or a little caster sugar if needed.
6. When the bread is golden brown serve immediately with a big spoon of the cream cheese mix on top, pour over some of the strawberries and their juices and dust a layer of icing sugar on top.
7. Another way to serve it is to make stuffed toast. Take two slices of the bread, spread a little Nutella on one and on the other spread a nice amount of the cream cheese mixture. Sandwich these sides together and dip both sides of the outside of the sandwich in the egg mixture and fry as above. Take a little more care in turning it in the pan so that the sandwich doesn’t come apart.
8. Serve with icing sugar on top and strawberries on the side.


Donna HennessyI am the author of the food blog A Cookbook Collection, a place where I organise and share my favourite recipes.

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