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Battle of the Budget Airlines – New French Airline to Take off This Autumn

Air France is launching a brand new low-cost airline this Autumn, and with it, the battle of the budget airlines is most definitely underway.

The airline is named Joon, which is a play on jeune, the French word for ‘young’. It’s hoped the airline will appeal to young, working travellers in the 18-35 age bracket.

While focusing on millennial travellers, the airline will also be better able to compete with other budget airlines, including Ryanair EasyJet and WOW Air.

No specific routes for the new airline have been announced as of yet, but it’s set to take off this Autumn, with longer flights being introduced in summer 2018.

According to Air France, Joon is not meant to be a budget experience, but saying that, we don’t know what the finished product will be, though the airline is focusing on the young and digital so it could be very cool.

In a statement, Caroline Fontaine, vice president of the brand at Air France, the millennial generation is “epicurean and connected…and in search of quality experiences that they want to share with others.”

Air France’s Joon sounds like it will be an exciting addition to the budget price flight experience and we can’t wait to see how it fares in the skies.