This Freaky Tiki Pop Up Cocktail Bar will Shake a Perfect Storm this Weekend

kraken freaky tiki bar

If you are a fearless adventurer (at least when it comes to cocktails) you can’t miss this one: The Kraken Rum Freaky Tiki Pop Up will transport Dublin’s drink enthusiasts to the dark heart of a Polynesian realm where terrific rum cocktails made with the world-famous black spiced rum await them.

The pop up will take place this weekend on 22 Montague Lane (Off Lower Camden Street), both on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th of September, and tickets are priced at €10.

kraken freaky tiki bar

The pop up’s signature drinks include The Perfect Storm and the Kraken Eclipse. Besides delightfully spooky drinks, you’ll be able to enjoy calamari bites, a black Kraken-infused ice cream and toasted black s’mores over a giant fire pit.

The event will feature plenty of surprises and according to the event page, there’ll be DJ sets, charcoal face and body painting and a Tiki photo-booth to capture lost nights.

Tickets include access to the Kraken Freaky Tiki Bar, two complimentary Kraken Rum cocktails, including the Perfect Storm, bites of calamari, chips and black dips from Say Fish, Black Kraken-infused rolled ice cream from Arctic Stone and toasted black s’mores.

The event is strictly for people over 21 years of age.

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