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Founders - Devil Dancer Craft Beer Review
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Founders – Devil Dancer Craft Beer Review

Established back in 1997, Founders Brewery is these days known to be one of the bigger craft beer producers in North America. With a couple of highly rated stouts in their arsenal, the brewery is more commonly known over these parts for their regularly available ‘All Day IPA’. A session beer that (as the name suggests) has become a go-to choice for craft beer enthusiasts who are looking to have more than just the one or two.

Although that’s not to say that Founders should be considered a timid brewery, with their year round Centennial IPA regularly being the best bang for you buck found on Irish shelves, both in flavour and ABV, clocking in at a solid 7.2%. However, being a triple IPA, Devil Dancer packs even more of a punch. At 12% and with an IBU of 112, this limited run beer raises cause for concern.

It has a big malty aroma to it, with a waft of alcohol, but not too much on the nose to ward you off. It’s hops all the way here with a slight hint of apple peel giving way to caramel notes as the head begins to settle. It pours warm sunburst red in complexion, with just enough carbonation to keep the rich malty head from disappearing completely.

A bitter bite on the back of the tongue at first, that’ll be the 112 IBU! There are some big bold flavours at work here as the hops and malts battle it out on your palate long after each sip, but the balance here is on the money completely. There is an unmistakable alcohol presence, but not nearly enough to cause you to pace yourself between big quenching sips, making this a very dangerous beast altogether. Maybe this is why the brewery has opted to go with a tagline “When you dance with the devil, the devil don’t change. You do”.

This is a definite beer lovers’ beer and not for the faint of palate. Even for the more experienced beer samplers this would be closing down your taste receptors for the night. The price-point might be a tad too rich for most purse strings also, having been spotted on some shelves for just shy of the €10 mark. But if you like your beers big and well balanced then maybe its time you danced with the Devil too.

Available at Martin’s Off License in Fairview and Baggot Street Wines.

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