Top Chefs Spark Conversations at the Launch of Food On The Edge 2018


On Monday 13th August, Ireland’s top chefs gathered for the national launch of Food On The Edge 2018.

Held in Glovers Alley, creator and director JP McMahon introduced the new theme for this year’s symposium ‘Conversations’. This will run in tandem with the events overall theme ‘Future of Food’.

Speaking at the launch McMahon said; “Although the overall theme of Food On The Edge, as always, is the future of food, this year we’re introducing a new theme, which is ‘Conversations’.”

Continuing on he said; “I think it’s very good to sometimes talk through some of the issues and the problems, whether they are mental health, food waste, or education on the chef’s side and also the food education of our children, and that plays into who we are as a society.”


Special guests at Food On The Edge included Andy McFadden, Danni Barry, Domini Kemp, and Mark Anderson.

Domini Kemp also spoke at the event; “Food On The Edge is really nourishment for our brains. It brings the idea of cooking for people to a much higher level. It makes us think about what we do, about our place in the world, about how we can contribute more to society; how we can push the boundaries.”


Other guests at this year’s symposium include Shauna and Mark Froydenlund of Marcus Restaurant in London and Esben Holmboe Bang, who will be talking to Jordan Bailey.

Jordan Bailey is the Michelin star chef that is set to open the eagerly awaited Aimsir at Cliff at Lyons.

This year, FOTE will be held at the National University of Ireland Galway from 22nd to 23rd Of October and will be a combination of panel discussions, talks from guest speakers and masterclasses.

Tickets are still available with an early bird ticket for €300 on sale until 31st August.

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