Former Leinster Rugby Player Brings Humanitarian Food Chain Zambrero to Ireland

Zambrero Dublin

Australian quick-service restaurant chain Zambrero, which specialises in fresh, healthy Mexican food, opens its first European restaurant on Dublin City’s Hatch Street on March 23rd 2016.

Creating over 70 jobs, the move is spearheaded by former Leinster rugby star and Zambrero Ireland General Manager, Darragh Fanning, who discovered Zambrero while playing rugby in Australia with former St Mary’s College RFC First Team Coach Shaun McCarthy, also a key partner in Zambrero’s expansion into the Irish market.

Zambrero was founded by medical doctor, entrepreneur and philanthropist Dr Sam Prince in 2005, who opened the first restaurant in Canberra, Australia, while still a medical student at just 21 years of age. While working in a restaurant to put himself through university, Dr Sam Prince became interested in setting up one of his own, and combined with his love of Mexican food, the idea for Zambrero was born. Since then, over 110 branches of Zambrero have opened their doors across each state in Australia, with the chain recently expanding into Thailand, New Zealand and now Europe.

Zambrero places great importance on providing healthy, traditional Mexican food such as burritos, tacos, quesadillas and more using fresh ingredients that leave customers truly satisfied – but this is Mexican with a Mission. For each meal bought in its restaurants, Zambrero donates a plate of nutritious food to the developing world through its Plate 4 Plate initiative, and truly believes world hunger can be eradicated one plate at a time. Founded on the ethos that nobody should be hungry, Zambrero is a vehicle to empower a social movement dedicated to the provision of food for those in need. To date, almost 8,000,000 meals have been donated. There will be a meal counter on the wall of the Irish restaurant so that customers can see their contribution make an instant difference.

What distinguishes Zambrero’s food from that served by most quick-service restaurants is its focus on freshness and nutritional value. Choices include slow-cooked meats marinated with spices and natural herbs; the freshest of accompaniments from crispy Cos lettuce to fiery jalapenos; six speciality sauces found only at Zambrero, including Secret BBQ, Verde and Red Chilli, plus a range of fresh sides including homemade guacamole. Zambrero uses only the freshest of ingredients with no added preservatives in its restaurants.

Zambrero also features black rice in its menus; a low-calorie, gluten-free grain which is a source of dietary fibre, disease-fighting antioxidants and plant-based protein. The chain also offers gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and vegan options.

“I first came across Zambrero while playing rugby in Australia, and was immediately intrigued by the unique values and fresh outlook of the business. Zambrero is the kind of quick-service restaurant that Dublin hasn’t seen before. It provides fresh, healthy food for customers while doing its part to eradicate one of the biggest challenges of our time – world hunger. I am excited about what the coming year will hold, and I look forward to opening the doors of Europe’s first Zambrero restaurant!” said Darragh Fanning, General Manager, Zambrero Ireland.

Four Zambrero branches are set to open in Ireland by the end of 2016, creating over 70 jobs and bringing over €2 million into the Irish economy. All fresh ingredients used by Zambrero Ireland are sourced from Irish producers. For more information visit, and follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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