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The Brewmaster Beer Range Gets A Fresh New Look ‘Brewing in our DNA’

Since launching the Brewmaster Beer brand in early 2018, the team at Dundalk Bay Brewery and Distillery in Co. Louth have worked hard at creating the highest quality beer using traditional ingredients and methods. Through their brewers’ innovation and creativity, they are constantly focused on crafting their beers to the best they can be and now this creativity has extended to their brand new look. 

Their new logo depicts the old heritage of brewing in Dundalk which dates back to the 1700’s! Brewing is in their DNA as their slogan highlights. This is proudly carried through to today, as this family-run company has brought this traditional industry back to the town. 

They harness the tradition of old while improving and perfecting new brewing styles and recipes at the same time. Brewmaster Beer uses local natural ingredients and is crafted in their state-of-the-art Irish brewery. The facility is fully automated and can be controlled from an iPhone!  

The award-winning Brewmaster Beer range includes their Irish Lager (gluten free), Irish Red Ale, Irish IPA, Imperial Stout and Isotonic Non-alcoholic Lager, which are all available in bottles and cans including their limited editions such as American Pale Ale and Maibock. They also produce a seasonal range of limited-edition beers including the popular ‘Haus Party’ which was created by a German guest brewer! The beer is filtered to an exceptional quality – so there is no sediment in any of their products and it contributes to a well-defined mouth feel and aromatic experience. This means that it has a very clean palate with a rich, robust taste.

Brewmaster Beer is available to buy direct from their brewery and is also available at selected supermarkets, off-licences and restaurants in Dublin, Wicklow, Louth, Meath and Northern Ireland. They plan to be available nationwide as soon as possible. Dundalk Bay Brewery Company is a 100% Irish-owned independent company and is home to the newest premium gin on the market, Ravenrock Gin. 

For a memorable, premium Irish beer to enjoy, choose Brewmaster Beer. 

Instagram – @brewmasterbeer

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