Food Shopping Made Easy with New Irish App

Craving a Persian feast but have no pomegranate molasses on hand and no time to lose? If you’re an adventurous cook, you’ll know the struggle of trying to source a mildly obscure ingredient, scouring specialist food stores across the city. The good news is, with the mission of creating an app that makes finding a product in a local store as painless as searching for it online, new Irish app Pointy has just made food shopping as easy it can possibly be.

Using location services on your phone, once you type your desired product into the search bar Pointly promptly says ‘your wish is my command’ and directs you, in metres, to the nearest store stocking the given item. ‘From coconut water and chisels, to lip balm and lager’ can point you in the right direction for whatever you need or want.

All of the shops listed on Pointy are updated live and the app will let you know if the product is in stock in your nearest store, meaning you will never trek somewhere for a specific product to find it missing from the shelf again. In practice, Pointy appears to be most popular with the health-conscious set thus far, with coconut flour, raw cacao powder and stevia all making the top ten most searched for products.

With the tagline ‘happy customers, happy shopkeepers, happy communities’, Pointy is a genius concept and means that even the most unusual of ingredients could be closer than you think. Cutting out the need to order online and wait days for delivery and supporting local stores make Pointy a win-win app.

Retailers wishing to drive business by appearing on Pointy can order a ‘Pointy box’ which plugs into the shop’s barcode scanner and automatically creates a Pointy page of the store’s product range.

Download Pointy here to take the stress out of sourcing food and ingredients.

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