Lights, Camera, Cook! Culinary Schools to Put More Emphasis on Food Photography

falafel recipe Shaorn Hearne Smith

Food photography is continuing to grow in popularity, with diners old and young pausing to snap a photo of their meal before digging in.

With this in mind, chefs have had to worry about how their food looks as well as how good it tastes. The Culinary Institute of America is even adding in classes on food photography to prep their budding chefs for the Instagram-loving diner.

In a report by The New York Times, the school said that it will be offering a class in food photography from next May. They’ll also be offering a second class in food styling.

The courses are being developed by food stylist Kersti Bower and photographer Phil Mansfield. Their hope is that students learn to convey taste and texture through a camera lens.

They’ll be offering tips like undercooking chicken to give it more life or over-roasting vegetables to lend them to crisper textures.

So, do you think this is a valid course for future chefs to take on, especially with the growing culture of tasting with your eyes?

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