The World’s Best Food Photos Unwrapped at the Food Photographer of the Year Awards 2017

Jonathan Gregson Paradise of Food

It seems every one is an amateur food photographer these days. Though there’s a lot more that goes into a great food photograph than good lighting and a colourful brunch plate, as was demonstrated by winning food photos at Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2017 awards, which celebrated everything from mealtime rituals to the raw beauty of fresh ingredients.

The overall winner, announced at the Judges’ dinner at the Saatchi Gallery, London, was Bangladeshi photographer Shoeb Faruquee for his image ‘Food for God’.

Shoebs image was also the winner of the Food for Celebration category sponsored by Champagne Taittinger.

More than 8,400 photographs were submitted for selection but there were only 30 winning images.

The following images show a number of the other category winners in addition to a selection of judges’ comments.

Overall & Food for Celebration Winner : Shoeb Faruquee

In the image a Brahman cook is cooking religious food for devotees to break their 24 hours long fasting after special prayers. During this prayer Hindu Saint Baba Lokonaths followers burn ghee in a small clay pot.

Bring Home the Harvest: Matthew Thomas

Bring Home the Harvest Matthew Thomas (UK)

Cream of the Crop: Wesley Dombrecht

Cream of the Crop Wesley Dombrecht (Belgium)

The image belongs to my personal work, it was made in my studio, the light that i used was one profoto B2 with a softbox.

Wine Photographer of the Year – Places: Patrick Desgrapes

Patrick Desgrapes

This photograph was taken during the grape harvest in Chateâu Virant, a famous vineyard in Provence (South of France). This tank is being emptied.

Wine Photographer of the Year – Produce: Robert Holmes

Wine Photographer of the Year Robery Holmes

Food Bloggers: Hein Van Tonder

Food Bloggers (supported by Aspire)

Caramel poured over a baked chocolate pudding.

Food for the Family: Leonardo Salomao

Food for the Family Leonardo Salomao

Many families work together in the rice fields in Nepal. During they break time, everybody share the food in a huge circle inside their work place.

Food in the Field: Sally Ann Stone

Food in the Field

Getting down on the job, has taken on a whole new meaning when I set out to capture the amazing colours and structure of this year’s swiss chard crop in the veg garden.

Food Sn-apping: Laura Cook

Food Sn-apping (in aid of Action Against Hunger) Laura Cook

Seven year old Diana and her little sister Nina wait impatiently for their fish stew to cool down in Tole, Cameroon.

Intercontinental London Park Lane Food at the Table: Jean Cazals

Marks & Spencer Food Adventures: Kyriacos Arkatites

At the little and idyllic Paphos harbour in Cyprus, there are a few restaurants along the walkway. While passing by with my little children, we could not resist the view of the variety of fresh sea ‘goods’ in the freezer. And the kids kept getting excited with their ‘discoveries’!

Marks & Spencer Food Portraiture: Darren Eastwood-Hickson

A metal plate, with a mixture of leaf salad and tomatoes on a paint splattered background. A metal pouring jug and a metal fork.

Partridges Food for Sale: Azalea Dalton

Bird’s eye view of Villefranche market stalls, taken from the top of the church tower overlooking the square.

Pink Lady An Apple A Day: Richard Perry

Politics of Food: Tom Parker

Wealthy Italian hunters line up for a portrait in front of their bagged birds, at the end of a shoot that costs up to £50,000 to take part in.

Production Paradise Food Off the Press: Jonathan Gregson

Photographed for the January 2017 cover of Waitrose Food.

Startisans Food in the Street: Robin Stewart

Crouch End Indo-American festival, Summer 2016.

World Food Programme Food for Life: Emma Brown

Every two weeks, in the refugee camps near Tindouf in Algeria, women collect egg rations distributed by the Sahrawi Red Crescent. The majority of Sahrawis are refugees today in one of the harshest desert environments in the world, their homeland of Western Sahara is the last colony in Africa and the site of a protracted territorial dispute.

The Philip Harben Award for Food in Action Francesa Brambilla and Serena Serrani

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