Christian Puglisi, JP McMahon, Matt Orlando, Sasu Laukkonen. Pictured at the launch of Food On Edge 2016 held in Amass Restaurant, Copenhagen April 25th 2016.
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Food On The Edge 2016 Launches in Amass Restaurant, Copenhagen

Last Monday night in Amass Restaurant, Copenhagen, Denmark the Irish international food symposium taking place in Galway, Ireland on October 23rd and 24th Food On The Edge was launched.

The evening saw three of the most well known nordic chefs collaborate with JP McMahon, Food On The Edge Founder to produce a range of snacks which were served to guests. The collaborating chefs were Christian Puglisi of Relae restaurant in Copenhagen (listed number 45 in World’s Top 100 Restaurants) and Matt Orlando of Amass Restaurant in Copenhagen (listed number 66 in World’s Top 100 Restaurants) and Michelin Star chef and restaurant owner Sasu Laukkonen of Chef & Sommelier in Helsinki, Finland; all of whom will travel to Ireland in October to participate in Food On The Edge 2016.

Food on the Edge launch

Other world renowned chefs present included Diego Munoz from Lima, Peru ( previously listed number 14 in World’s Top 100), Chef Munoz delivered a short presentation on fishing in Peru as part of the evening’s proceedings. Other notable chefs present included Niklas Ekstedt of Ekstedt restaurant in Stockholm and Syrco Bakker of Pure C Restaurant in The Netherlands. Travelling from Ireland of the event was Ross Lewis, Chapter One Restaurant in Dublin – Ross delivered also a speech at the event where he said “Food On The Edge is the lightening rod for the food movement in Ireland”.

Special guests included Cliona Manahan , Irish Ambassador to Denmark, and John Mulcahy, Head of Food Tourism, Failte Ireland.

Food on the Edge launch

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