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Time, time and time again – those ticking seconds, minutes and hours present constant issues and pressures. Even in a pandemic, you might have more time but where’s the energy, the will power, the enthusiasm to do more than the minimum? One thing 2020 has proven to us is that online shopping/ordering is here to stay and ditto the delivery of same. All of the meal subscription companies mentioned here provide a service that takes the worry out of cuisine creativity. Depending on your choice of subscription, you can have healthy, convenient meals – portioned to how you like them – delivered for day-by-day comfort or relaxing weekend treats. Ready. Steady Go!


The Story: Founded in 2014, the concept behind GourmetFuel was quite simple – how to devise a food business from which to enjoy healthy food day in/day out without having to spend precious time queueing in shops and supermarkets as well as the kitchen. Head chef Andy Dowling and Director of Nutrition (and GourmetFuel co-founder) Emma Buckley developed a full range of foods to enhance a healthy lifestyle and diet. Using their own FuelMatrix Nutrition Technology, the company produce every meal from the bottom up with accurately-portioned recipes and quality nutritious ingredients from skilled and trusted suppliers. Once you sort out your personalised nutrition plan, choose from 200 kCal snacks, 300 kCal sides, 400 kCal breakfasts, 500 kCal lunches and 600 kCal/900 kCal XL dinners. Delivery is nationwide anywhere on the island of Ireland, and the packaging is recyclable.

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The Story: The password is ‘Plan’ – remember that, as it’s very important! Founded by three former DCU students, Ryan Scott (“scrambled eggs expert”), Roman Grogan (“professional coffee maker”) and Sam O’Byrne (“happy hippo connoisseur”), the philosophy behind DropChef is, quite simply, a belief that we should all try to make the world a better place to live in. To this end, for their Cook-One-Feed-One initiative, they have partnered with ValidNutrition to ensure that for every meal you cook with DropChef they’ll donate one meal to a child in need. Another central philosophy is that (as they say on their website) “to share good food with great people is at the core of living well.” Which brings us back to the password: there are Veggie, Classic, and Family Plans, which comprise a weekly menu of eight recipes. Pre-measured ingredients are farm-fresh, seasonal, and are locally sourced. Meat is 100% Irish craft butcher quality.

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The Story: Everyone has a backstory, but some are more enlightening than others. Named after a young girl with a neurodevelopmental disorder called Rett Syndrome, Kayla’s Kitchen developed out of a need to batch cook as being the simplest way to manage a busy family lifestyle with the added challenge of looking after a special needs child that required food with distinct nutritional value. From this arose a food delivery business that prides itself on making wholly nutritious ‘snap-frozen’ meals that come in two portion sizes and are prepared with homemade/handmade spice blends and pastes. If you’re a fan of spicy food, then their range of Moroccan, Thai, Malaysian and Indian meals are ideal. Through research prompted by personal necessity, Kayla’s Kitchen chefs know that in order to maintain sufficient energy levels, excellent digestion and good overall health there should be no synthetic flavourings or additives in meals but rather a blend of high-quality proteins, vegetables and carbohydrates. All of which, states the website, are naturally designed “to nourish you from the inside out.”

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The Story: Located in Bishopstown, County Cork, Bodychef use fresh, fresh, fresh and what they describe as “real ingredients.” Neither does Head Chef Yvonne Sinclair use preservatives, additives or genetically modified foods. Most meals produced can be heated via microwave for a few minutes, although they do recommend removing salads from the container (“unless you like hot lettuce” they amusingly advise on their website). The menus are updated frequently and are specially designed for healthy dieting, fluctuating eating habits and unashamed convenience. If you don’t like cooking and want carefully selected meals prepared and cooked for you in order to attain bodily health and fitness aims, then you’ve come to the right place. Delivery is Cork city and parts of Cork county only. Further Details: 


The Story: Based in Blessington, County Wicklow, and founded in 2016 by Dean Siney (whose background in sport and fitness, as well as a passionate interest in healthy food, combined to trigger his entry into business), Nutriquick’s goal is to improve physical health and mental wellbeing by fusing convenience with nutritionally balanced, handmade meals. The food produced is divided into three selection areas: Stay Healthy Bundles (from ‘Essential’ to ‘Complete’), Nutriquick Ready Meals (take your pick from Coconut & Pea Chicken Curry to Beef Barbacoa Burrito Bowl), and Meals With Benefits (optional choices that include vegan meals, snacks/breakfasts, sauces and drinks). Something of a genuine success story, Nutriquick has quickly become a popular choice among athletes and time-poor, health-conscious professionals, and has astutely expanded its distribution model from online-only to major retail outlets. Nutriquick also has a sizeable Instagram following (14.5k the last time we checked) that is surely advantageous to its reach. 

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The Story: It’s in the name, isn’t it? Simple is as simple does, and that’s the start and end of it. Co-founded by Luke Judge and Evelyn Garland, and based in Drogheda, County Louth, Simply Fit Food is a multi-award-winning company that has gone from an appearance on Dragon’s Den in 2017 to winning the Rising Star 2020 gong at the Irish Quality Food & Drink Awards. Following a serious health scare for Luke, nutrition became an integral element of the recovery and stability process and therein began their story. The tagline rings true: delicious foods made from wholesome, natural ingredients that fuel busy, active lifestyles. Their online store will be back up and running from early this year.

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