Fontenoys Epilogue Cocktail Recipe by Mixologist Dominic Armstrong of The Fitzwilliam Hotel Belfast

Dominic Armstrong

Congratulations to Dominic Armstrong of The Fitzwilliam Hotel in Belfast for getting through to the final of the Hennessy 250 competition, see his recipe below.

Ingrediants for Fontenoys Epilogue

40ml – Maraschino Cherry Infused Hennessy VS
20ml – Peach Liqueur (De Kuyper Peachtree or Home made using Absolut as the neutral spirit)
10ml – Chocolate Syrup
10ml – Maraschino Syrup
2 Dashes – Aztec Chocolate Bitters


– Goblet
– Ice Cubed
– Garnish
– Cherry Glaced White Rose Petals, Skewered Marashino Cherries

Method – Stirred

It was after the battle of Fontenoy in 1745 that an army officer by the name of Richard Hennessy discovered the Charente region in France. Richard Hennessy would return in 1765 to open his own Maison in Cognac, along the Charente River. 250 years later we celebrate the Hennessy Brand by celebrating a time that brought about its beginning. Through his journeys with King Louis XVs Jacobite Army, Richard Hennessy would come across the birthplace of his world famous cognac. Fontenoys Epilogue features white rose petals in its garnish and white roses in its display in honour of the Jacobite White Rose Day. With a long and prestigious history like the one enjoyed by the Hennessy brand, you could fill years worth of celebration. Instead Fontenoys Epilogue celebrates a moment in history that had it played out any different, the world may not have been gifted Hennessy cognac at all.

Classic Serve

35ml – Hennessy VS
15ml – Cherry Syrup
Topped – Lemonade
Glassware – Rocks Glass
Ice – Cubed
Garnish – Edible Flower

A simple and sweet relative of the signature serve Fontenoys Epilogue.


Bar tender – Dominic Armstrong
Fitzwilliam Hotel Belfast


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