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Fonté Coffee Roaster is Bringing the Coolest Beans to Temple Bar
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This New Independent Coffee Shop is Bringing the Coolest Beans to Temple Bar

Coffee lovers can’t get enough and at recently opened Fonté Coffee Roaster, in Parliament Street, Temple Bar, they can now find top quality beans brewed by passionate and skilled baristas.

While the café has been open for a few weeks now, they’re getting their official launch next Wednesday.

Fonté Coffee Roaster was founded in 1992 in Seattle, and while still a newcomer into the Irish coffee scene, its beans are already served in several high end hotels around the country as well as in their sleek looking coffee shop. A member of the team told us that they’ve plenty of plans for the concept and that so far, this shop has enjoyed a great reception.

As they point out on their page, “every year, Fonté Coffee Roaster procure the most superlative coffee beans from around the globe and ship to our clients within hours of roasting, ensuring the fresh aromas and flavours created by master roaster Steve Smith and his team are delivered intact to your cup.”

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