Fonté Coffee Announces Sponsorship of Taste of Coffee on

Fonté Coffee Ireland are proud to announce their sponsorship of The Taste of Coffee, your one stop shop for all things caffeine related on

Pictured at Fonté Café Bar are Andy O’Neill, owner of Fonté Coffee Ireland and Keith Mahon of The as they raise an americano to their new partnership. Andy opened Fonté Café Bar earlier this year on Parliament Street, Dublin 2. This is the first venture for Fonté outside of the states, and already the brand has created a stir in the coffee scene in Dublin, developing a firm following of coffee lovers.

The partnership with The Taste is the next strategic step for Fonté’s growth in Ireland. “Our focus for our first nine months was always to deliver the best coffee with the best service in Dublin, and from our feedback to date we believe we are doing a good job at this”, says O’Neill.

In the first 10 months of operation in Ireland Fonté have seen their customer numbers rise from month to month and had three successful installations in hotels in Dublin, Clare and Galway, with a fourth planned for Belfast in the coming weeks. Fonté has also successfully launched their training academy on site in their Parliament Street Café.

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“Sponsorship of The Taste of Coffee allows us to partner with the best digital food and drink magazine in Ireland and market our coffee and skills to the hospitality industry and The Taste’s ever-growing database of customers. We are really excited about this partnership and looking forward to working closely with TheTaste to bring some of our coffee ideas to fruition”, O’Neill added.

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