Flying this Christmas? These are the Travel Exclusive Bottles you Need to Get your Hands On

If you are flying abroad during the holiday season, no matter where you’re going, one of the best spots for shopping is always going to be The Loop, both at Dublin and Cork airport. One can spend a long time going through the gourmet foods, clothes, makeup and of course, their amazing drinks section filled with exclusive bottles at special prices.

Because you’ll be spoiled for choice, we have gathered a few of the travel exclusive bottles and drinks you can only find at The Loop. Get your hands on something unique and wow this Christmas!

Glendalough Wild Summer BotanicalsGlendalough Wild Summer Botanicals

€45 (Duty Free €33) – The Loop Exclusive

This is a gin like no other. In June 2017 The Loop’s Gin Ambassadors joined the Glendalough team foraging for wild botanicals in the mountains around their distillery.

Listoke Barnstorm Irish GinListoke Barnstorm Irish Gin

€40 (Duty Free €29) – The Loop Exclusive

This Irish Gin is inspired by exotic ingredients from different spice trails around the world and it combines five traditional ingredients used, juniper, coriander seed, angelica root and cassia bark.

The Irishman 17 Year Old MaltThe Irishman 17 Year Old Malt 

€100 (Duty Free €89) – The Loop Exclusive

This exceptional Irish whiskey is matured for 17 years in a specially selected first fill sherry butt.

This represents the pinnacle of single cask, single malt Irish whiskey.

Courvoisier Le Voyage XOCourvoisier Le Voyage XO Travel Exclusive

€130 (Duty Free €115) – Travel Retail Exclusive

This stunning bottle of Cognanc offers the perfect harmony and balance of aromas. After several years of oak ageing it develops nutty notes and ages to produce a sweet, caramelised flavour resembling toasted almonds.

Hibiki Harmony Master Japanese WhiskeyHibiki Harmony Master Japanese Whiskey 

€71 (Duty Free €63) – Travel retail Exclusive

Hibiki Japanese Harmony Master’s Select is a Japanese blended whiskey which offers elegance and a harmonious -hence the name- array of aromas including dried fruits, apricots, plums and a touch of vanilla and oaky toast.

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