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Grilled Flat Fish recipe of the day, Carrot Purre, Ginger Foam
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Flat Fish Recipe with Carrot Purée, Orange Reduction, and Ginger Froth by Chef Paul Hynes from La Cote

This Flat Fish Recipe with Carrot Purée, Orange Reduction, and Ginger Froth is by Chef Paul Hynes from La Cote. The fish that can be used is Seabass, Lemon Sole or Monkfish.


Carrot Puree
500g carrots peeled and sliced
80g of butter
One star anise
200 mils of water
a pinch of salt

Carrot balls
1 carrot peeled
One small Parisienne scoop
100 grams of butter

Carrot Foam
100 mils carrot juice, 30mils ginger juice.
50 mils of milk and a pinch of salt

Orange Reduction
2 oranges 8 g of sugar


Carrot Puree
1. Place butter in a pot melt and add carrots star anise and salt & simmer for five minutes add water place laid on top of pot and boil for 20 minutes until cars carrots are tender, if they need more water add 50 mils.
2. Once they are tender remove strain juice into a bowl. Use a blender to blend carrots to a smooth consistence & place into a container.

Carrot balls
1. Carve balls out of carrot. Boil in salt water for 5 minutes. Strain juice into bowl and leave to one side. To serve heat up in butter.

Carrot Foam
1. Just before you finish serving your dish you place the above ingredients into a saucepan and bring to the boil take a hand blender and blend it up until there is a film on the top you pull the foam across from the top of the liquid and place it on top of the Seabass and serve the dish.

Orange Reduction
1. Grate the rind of 2 oranges & juice 1 orange place all in saucepan with sugar and slowly boil
till it has reduced.

1. You can take a frying pan and place 50 g of butter and melt over the heat. Place the fish in the pan and cook either side until brown. While in the fish is cooking you can prepare your plates.
2. Then you can heat up the purée in a small pot and carrot balls ion, Heat another small pot with some butter.
3. Use a small hand blender to pirate your carrot and ginger juice. Place a stroke of puree on each plate, carrot balls around place fish on top dress with reduction and place foam on top add herbs to dress and serve.


At La Côte Seafood Restaurant, Michelin-trained chef Paul Hynes serves traditional French and Irish dishes with a modern twist that will awaken your senses with innovative flavours and textures, and beautifully plated dishes.

Paul’s approach to food is driven by the belief that the quality and provenance of the raw elements of each dish are instrumental in producing a fine plate of food. This has helped to secure our position as one of the best seafood restaurants in Ireland.

La Cote has won many awards including Best Restaurant and Best Chef at the Irish Restaurant Awards in 2016 and 2017.

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