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Need to Cool Down? Pick Up a Cold Brew Coffee in these Dublin Cafés Today

While our weather doesn’t always call for switching from piping hot to cold coffee, the slightest hint of sunshine has us reaching for a caffeine fix with a hint of chill. We all love an iced coffee, the sugary sweet, cool and milky treat with a kick, but there is a new chilled character in town. Cold brew coffee has been gathering a steady following, and rain or shine it is a fantastic way to get your fix.

Cold brew coffee is left to slowly infuse, rather than rushing the process by extracting flavour with boiling water – which results in a sweeter cup with less acidity. The lingering brew time means you end up with a richly flavoured tipple which packs an even more potent caffeine kick. What’s not to love?

Try out your first cold brew and see if you’ll be converted in these Dublin cafés taking advantage of the latest coffee trend.

Joe’s Coffee

Joe’s on both Montague Street and in Arnott’s have the answer to your thirsty summer day prayers. Get your buzz, bottled, here with two cold brew options – a 24 hour cold infusion using a Tanzanian Majinja filter coffee or a cold brew cascara and hibiscus infusion, similar to the normal cold brew in infusion time but made from dried coffee cherries – on trend and tasty to boot.

Two Fifty Square

Two fifty square 1

The go-to for a great cup of coffee in Rathmines, Two Fifty Square operate their own micro roastery and are purveyors of an unbeatable Vietnamese Iced Coffee, as well as cold brew well worth making a trip to Rathmines for. Their terrace is a complete sun trap, so it is the perfect spot to sip on your brew while soaking up some Vitamin D.

Vice Coffee

Vice Coffee on Middle Abbey Street is housed in the popular Wigwam bar, and prides itself on a varied and tempting specialty coffee offering, which has now expanded to include cold brew. Handily, Vice also shares a rooftop terrace with Wigwam, so it is another great shout for sipping cold brew in the sunshine!


One of our city centre coffee (and matcha latte, as it were) staples, Kaph on Drury Street, is always rammed but it is well worth queuing up to sample their cold brew. Sample your little bottle of buzziness while strolling around the Creative Quarter or sit and people watch on the windowsill with your stylish sip.

Shoe Lane

Somewhat of a hidden gem, Shoe Lane on Tara Street is one for the Dublin café bucket list – there have been whispers that the best flat white in Dublin is served in this modest little space. They also offer a canned cold brew sourced from Minor Figurs in the UK, and describe it as being similar to Guinness! Caffeine canned sounds pretty good to us…

Watch this Space:

A regular haunt of ours, Cocu on Chatham Street, already serves ridiculously tempting Iced Flat Whites. These deliciously chilled little bottles of your favourite daytime tipple are made with Cloudpicker coffee, and Cocu will soon be serving Cloudpicker Cold Brew too, just to add to the many reasons to visit ASAP.

Another TheTaste favourite coffee spot, Two Boys Brew in Phibsborough will soon be offering cold brew, and if their always stellar selection of guest roaster coffees are anything to go by their cold brew will be a must-try.

Best known for their Bulletproof coffee products, that’s super stimulating MCT coconut oil and cacao butter blended coffee to you and me, you may have spotted Coco Brew at festivals like Wellfest. They also have a new café in Temple Bar and they tell us they will have a cold brew option up and running as early as next week, so see you there to try it out!

Finally, the first Dublin café to embrace drink trends like the Smurf Latte, The Cracked Nut on Camden Street, also has plans to add a cold brew option to their menu in the coming weeks so keep an eye out.

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