Fillet of Beef Recipe
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Fillet of Beef Recipe with Horseradish by Chef Cormac McCreary at Sheen Falls

This recipe for dry aged fillet of beef with asparagus, girolle, and horseradish was created by chef Cormac McCreary at Sheen Falls Lodge.


7oz Fillet of beef
3 Girolle
3 Asparagus
3 Ox tail
1 Grelot onion
2 Baby asparagus
20g Horseradish espuma
20g Beef sauce
10g Watercress purée
3 Watercress leaves

Watercress puree
1kg watercress
500g spinach

Grelot onions
-15 onions

– 225g unsalted butter, melted
– 150g egg yolk
– 2 tbsp tarragon vinegar
– lemon, halved

Horseradish espuma
– 200g hollandaise
– 200g horseradish

Ox tail
– 5kg ox tail
– 10 carrots
– 2 heads of celery
– 4 onions
– 2 bay leaf
– 8 thyme, sprigs
– 2 bottles of red wine
– 1 port

Watercress puree

1. Cook watercress and spinach in water until very soft, remove and place in ice water.
2. Squeeze out excess water and blend in the thermos.
3. While blending add a little water until the right consistency then add xanthan gum to bing purée finish with pepper.

Grelot Onions
1. Season & seal in vac pac bag and cook in microwave for two and half minutes.

1. Whisk egg yolk, vinegar and salt over heat until sabayor is formed.
2. Slowly incorporated the butter, check the seasoning when finished.

Horseradish espuma
1. Mix the two together and place in the espuma gun and use one charger.

Ox Tail
1. Cut the vegetable into mirepox and marinade all the ingredients apart from 2 bottles of Red Wine. Marinate for at least 24 hours, drain off and separate.
2. Dust the Ox tail in seasoned Gluten Free Flour and seal in the bratt Pan so all the oxtail are evenly coloured a deep rich golden brown. Remove from the pan and colour the vegetables in the same way once coloured add 3 tables spoons of Tomato puree and cook out, add the Oxtail back to the pan.
3. Pour over the marinade plus the two bottles of red wine, cook out and then add Veal and Chicken stock (2:1) just to cover the oxtail, bring up to the boil place in a tray cover with tinfoil and cook at 160 for 2-3 hrs. Once cooked check the meat is tender, if not cook longer, remove the meat from the pan and reduce the sauce to a thick consistency. Pick the Oxtail

To Serve
1. Cook the beef in the water bath at 52 degrees for 40 minutes and remove bad season and seal on plancha and place on side of the plate.
2. Cook the griolles in the emulsion and when they are just finished add the asparagus and grelot.
3. Drain off and dress on the right side of the plate, pipe around with watercress purée.
4. Cover the beef in the oxtail sauce and finish with horseradish espuma.

Fillet of Beef Recipe


Fillet of Beef Recipe

Sheen Falls Lodge is a stunning 5-star property located just outside the town of Kenmare, Co. Kerry. The perfect base for a bit of relaxation while exploring the Wild Atlantic Way, Sheen Falls Lodge overlooks the picturesque waterfall of the same name.

For an experience you won’t soon forget, many visitors often combine their stay with dinner in the 2AA Rosette restaurant, which is headed up by Head Chef Cormac McCreary.

Cormac began his career in the food industry as an apprentice in The K Club, before moving to the Gordan Ramsay restaurant in Powerscourt Hotel.

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