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Fillet of Beef Recipe by Chef Stefan Matz
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Fillet of Beef Recipe by Chef Stefan Matz

This fillet of beef recipe, created by Chef Stefan Manz of The Chef’s Table at Delphi Resort, is roasted, pickled and smoked, and then served with creamy mashed potatoes, glazed spring vegetables and roasted button mushrooms.

Serves 4


– 900g whole beef fillet from the middle section, fully trimmed

For the pickle:
– 100 ml water
– 25g white wine vinegar
– 10g sugar
– 15g salt
– Peppercorns and bay leaf

For the sauce:
– 100g brown chicken stock
– 50ml red wine
– 10ml port wine
– 20g unsalted butter

Additional Ingredients:
– 600g mashed potatoes, very soft, smooth and creamy
– 40g butter
– 8 baby carrots
– 8 baby parsnips
– 8 spring onions
– 20 baby button mushrooms, cooked in butter


1 day in advance:

1. Boil all ingredients for the pickle for 1 minute and allow the liquid to cool again.
2. Cut the beef fillet length-ways into 3 long strips equal in length and weight.
3. Place and store one strip in the pickle for 12-24 hrs (in refrigerator).

Cooking method on the day:

1. Season the remaining two beef strips with salt and pepper.
2. Preheat large pan, add butter and seal all three beef strips gently in the butter.
3. Remove one of the strips (not pickled) from the pan and cook this beef in a domestic smoker (available in fishing tackle shops) using a small amount of wood chips only for 10 minutes approx. (Note: time depends on smoker, heat source and amount of wood chips used for smoking. Cook to desired temperature and check frequently).
4. Cook the remaining two strips in a preheated oven at 180C for about 5-7 minutes to your desired cooking temperature (recommended medium rare).
5. For the sauce bring the brown chicken stock, wine and port wine to boil and reduce to ½ of original amount adding the butter last minute, keep hot.
6. Remove all beef and allow to rest in a warm area for 3-4 minutes.
7. Carve each beef strip into 4 equal sized pieces of beef and serve with creamy mashed potatoes, glazed spring vegetables and roasted button mushrooms.

Stefan Matz Chefs Table Delphi ResortThe Chef’s Table is the brand new signature restaurant from the award winning Executive Head Chef of Delphi Resort, Stefan Matz. The Chef’s Table offers a unique interactive dining experience, featuring an “Open Kitchen”, allowing for engagement and interaction with Stefan while he cooks up a gourmet feast.

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The Chef’s Table by Stefan Matz
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