Festive Blinis Recipe By Chef Jeeny Maltese

Festive Blinis Recipe By Chef Jeeny Maltese

A Delicious Festive Blinis Recipe. I have added a new element to the classic blinis, and that it is potatoes! I love these fluffy clouds of potato, perfectly soft and a great vehicle to any flavour combination. An excellent recipe for entertaining friends and loved ones on the festive season.

(Approx. 3 dozen small blini)

450g potatoes
2 tablespoons self-raising flour
2 to 3 tablespoons creme fraiche, at room temperature
2 corn-fed free-range eggs
1 large yolk
Coarse salt and freshly ground white pepper
2 tablespoons of pecorino or parmesan cheese

Serving suggestions:
Caviar, for serving (optional)
Smoked Salmon
Beetroots, radishes, courgettes, thinly sliced (optional)
Fresh herbs or micro herbs, for serving (optional)
Creme fraiche or sour cream mixed with scallions or chives, for serving (optional)
Horseradish cream, for serving (optional)

1. Place potatoes in a medium saucepan and add enough cold water to cover by at least 2 inches.
2. Bring to a boil over high heat; reduce heat to a simmer. Continue to simmer until potatoes are tender and easily pierced with the tip of a knife.
3. Drain and peel warm potatoes; press through a very fine mesh sieve. Immediately weigh out 250g pureed potatoes and transfer to a medium bowl.
4. Working quickly, whisk in flour and 2 tablespoons creme fraiche. Add 1 egg, whisking until batter is smooth. Add second egg, whisking until smooth. Finally add the egg yolk & pecorino; whisk until batter is smooth and well combined.
5. Hold the whisk with some of the batter over the bowl. The batter should fall in a thick stream but hold its shape when it hits the batter in the bowl. If it is too thick, add a little more creme fraiche. Season with sea salt and pepper.
6. Heat a large non-stick crepe pan over medium-low heat. Working in batches and wiping griddle with a paper towel with a tiny amount of oil between each batch.
7. Spoon 1 to 1 1/2 teaspoons batter onto heated pan for each pancake. Cook until bottoms are lightly browned, 1 to 2 minutes. Turn and cook on opposite side until evenly browned with a small ring of white around the edges, about 1 minute. Transfer to a small baking sheet and keep warm.
8. Serve immediately with toppings as desired. These blinis are so versatile and will go great with any combination of flavours.

Festive Blinis Recipe By Chef Jeeny Maltese


Jeeny Maltese, a Latin-American born TV chef & food writer. Featuring as celebrity chef on the RTE “Today Show with Maura & Daithi” and Virgin Media “The Six O’Clock Show”. Keynote speaker and guest chef at top festivals & events nationwide. Passionate about good eating & good food, making it accessible for everyone, through her cooking methods and philosophy. Enamoured with Ireland’s stunning land, quality food produce & its passionate people.

You can catch up with Jeeny at all the top food festivals nationwide, doing live cookery demonstrations on stage and talks all over the country, from Taste of Dublin, Galway International Food Festival, Taste of CavanSavour Kilkenny and many more.

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