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Faustino Wine Gets Creative Launching Their Art Collection in Ireland Featuring three new varieties, The Art Collection Reimagines the Iconic Faustino Label

Bodegas Faustino, the world-famous wine brand enjoyed in over one hundred countries globally, has reimagined its famous Rioja variant. Keeping art, history and passion at the heart of the new bottles and taking inspiration from its iconic Merchant label, the famous Spanish artist, Willy Romas, has created three labels for their new Rosé, Chardonnay and Crianza varieties. 

The Merchant Artwork

The Merchant has long been synonymous with the Faustino family, many associating great quality Spanish wine with this famous label. The wine merchant, back when the Faustino family established their vineyards, was key in making their wine a success throughout Europe. Recognising the merchant’s importance, the Faustino family chose to celebrate this iconic figure for hundreds of years and in doing so, they decided to give the icon a twenty first century take by introducing the Art Collection.

The new labels were commissioned by Willy Ramos, a world famous artist, originally from Columbia but living in Spain since he was fourteen. A massive wine fan himself, Ramos was inspired by the artwork of the original label, but he wanted to add a modern, colourful twist, whilst also not losing the character of the original Merchant. In his own words he wanted to create something ‘full of colour, full of life, full of emotion, like Faustino’s wines’. 

The Wine

In Ireland, the new premium Art Collection is available in three varieties; Rosé, Chardonnay and Crianza.

The Rosé tasting notes are a fruity intensity with pleasant floral notes. The bottle has delicate, and very subtle aromas of currants and lilacs with notes of tropical fruit at the end. It is a perfect wine with appetizers or rice or pasta dishes with light sauce. It also compliments lots of Asian and Latino flavours. 

The Chardonnay is bright with a golden yellow hue, typical of the variety. With hints of tropical fruit and lilacs, the wine has volume and depth. It provides a level of acidity and a hint of bitterness that leaves lingering tasting notes with medium finish. It’s an excellent choice to accompany meat dishes and also works with fish due to its depth of taste. 

The Crianza is a beautiful cherry red color with intense notes created from its barrel that give itgreat depth. The tasting notes provide sweet flavours along with tones of fruits of the forest. It pairs well with meat and vegetable dishes along with a variety of heavy cheeses. 

Speaking about the launch of the new range, Mary Anne Byrne, Head of Alcohol Brands in Richard Marketing said; 

‘Faustino has long been a wine lovers favourite in Ireland. In launching the Art Collection to the Irish market, our aim is to introduce a new audience to the iconic brand. Bodegas Faustino is known for producing beautiful bottles of wine time and time again and the Art Collection carries on this renowned tradition. We’re looking forward to introducing this vibrant new collection to Ireland’.

She continued;

‘We are delighted to report that the brand has grown in sales by 48% in Ireland from January- June of this year, signaling the fact that Faustino continues to be a popular choice with the Irish consumer. We look forward to further growth into the Autumn and Winter months of 2020’. 

The Art Collection is available to purchase in Supervalu and Dunnes nationwide.

Visit for more information on the collection. 

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