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- The Fat Fox Review
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Fantastic Mr. Fox Comes to Camden Row – The Fat Fox Review

Neatly tucked away just off Camden Street, The Fat Fox is a petite cafe that recently arrived on the scene in Dublin. Having stumbled upon their Instagram feed a few weeks ago, I decided to make my move and visit this new spot. The cafe is only open on weekdays from 7am to 4pm, so the timing was crucial. Last Tuesday I finished work earlier than normal and headed towards 38 Camden Row.

- The Fat Fox Review

The cafe welcomes their visitors with a cheerful green shopfront. As soon as you step in, you’re surrounded by palm fronds growing off the cafe walls. The large wooden counter boasts freshly baked pastries, prepared daily in the kitchen. Boards with sandwiches are skilfully stacked next to each other in the company of salads that mesmerise with a patchwork of colours and textures. Everything is made in-house, apart from the bread which the guys bring in from Wicklow. Due to its tiny size, the Fat Fox operates as a food-to-go joint – as there is no seating area, this makes it a perfect place to grab a cup of joe and lunch or a snack.

- The Fat Fox Review

A coffee station lives on the right side of the Fat Fox. The silver beast hums its tune every time someone orders a coffee. Each cup is powered by Baobab Coffee, a micro roaster in Celbridge. Although I didn’t have the chance to meet a house barista, my coffee didn’t disappoint. That week they were serving Brazilian beans. Naturally chocolatey, my flat white was delightfully sweet and light, the Brazilian beautifully matching the creamy texture of the milk.

- The Fat Fox Review

For my late lunch, I got a Smoked Salmon Bagel. Slices of a perfectly smoked salmon rested on a bed of cream cheese, pickled onion and rocket. The cool smoothness of the cream cheese contrasted nicely with the crispy, slightly spicy red onion. As I rarely eat pickled onions, I was pleasantly surprised by the marriage of these flavours – so distinctly different, yet wonderfully complementing each other. Not to mention the hints of dill sprinkled around the salmon to accentuate the smokiness of the fish.

- The Fat Fox Review

Bigger than your standard bagel, its dough was deliciously chewy and soft, with that unique bagel crust. It’s the type of bread that I want to munch on in the morning, with a little daub of butter on the side; simply scrumptious. My alternative sambo pampered my stomach and left enough space for a few spoonful of veggie goodness alongside.

- The Fat Fox Review

The Fat Fox’s salads are unquestionably finger-licking. I was offered a salad bowl, which allowed me to sink my teeth into a few of the many leafy options on the menu. Their Couscous Salad mixes red onion, and basil leaves. Light and flavourful, it would make a pleasing add-on to both autumn dinners and summer picnics.

- The Fat Fox Review

Next was Pesto Pasta with Pomegranate and Pea Shoots. The pomegranate seeds added a sweet and juicy twist, and the delicate pea shoots can take credit for creating the necessary ‘breathing space’ for other flavour-rich ingredients to combine. As a sucker for cabbage, Coleslaw always gets my attention. With red and white cabbage, this version of the all-time favourite is a must try: crunchy, zesty, and absolutely mouth-watering.

- The Fat Fox Review

It was time to satisfy my sweet tooth. From Almond Brownies to Chocolate Chip Cookies to Bakewell Tarts and Flapjacks, the selection is there to spoil sugar addicts. As a caffeinated cookie monster, I can never say no to a treat – so I tried them all.

- The Fat Fox Review

Although they all tasted great, I soon chose my two winners. First, the Chocolate Chip Cookie is just a showstopper: rich dark chocolate stands out from the sweet buttery cookie dough. With balanced flavours, there was no unwanted cloying sweetness or bitter aftertaste. A close second, the Fat Fox’s Brownie is perfection – a small treat that packs a big punch.

The chocolatey aroma tantalises and teases before you even start. The texture is fudgy, moist, and dense underneath of the chewy edges. This brownie embodies the essence of chocolate and what it should be: a delight. The Fat Fox is a marvel, with its eye for detail and passion for food and coffee. I am excited to see what they will come up with next to tickle our taste buds.

The Fat Fox,
38 Camden Row
Dublin 2



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