Fab Food Trails Launch New Coffee Walk
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Fab Food Trails Launch New Coffee Walk

Award winning company Fab Food Trails have just announced a brand new Dublin City tour that celebrates our coffee culture.

With the World Barista Championships taking place at the end of June 22nd-25th, Dublin is embracing everything relating to the art of roasting.

Fab Food Trail guide and dedicated coffee fanatic Aoife McElwain will be leading participants all over the city on the coffee tasting tour, exploring the best coffee houses, bars and roasteries.

You can meet the city’s top baristas and roasters and learn the tricks of the trade from them in small, independent cafés.

Sample the best of the city’s coffee and taste the difference between beans and blends while sampling some great food along the way.

The next tour costs €50 and takes place on June 22nd. For more information visit www.fabfoodtrails.ie, call 086 811 9881 or email Eveleen at ecoyle@fabfoodtrails.ie.

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