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Extravagant Easter Eggs You’ll Want to Hunt Down

Some people count down the months to Christmas, others can’t wait for All Hallow’s Eve, but if you ask me it is Easter Sunday, the day entirely dedicated to gorging on chocolate that deserves the hype and hullabaloo. Childhood nostalgia dictates that we must all have at least one Cadbury’s egg, adorned with the signature Easter chick engraving and purple foil, but there is an entire world beyond the Easter eggs of old – the luxury eggs.

From gigantic to gourmet-inspired, the Easter eggs on offer are more extravagant than ever and absolutely crave-worthy for any self-confessed chocoholic. For those who share my affliction, getting your hands on one of the beauties below seems not only reasonable, but absolutely necessary. Happy hunting!

Godiva Giant Easter Atelier Egg

For a mere grand, 14 kilograms of the finest Godiva milk, white and dark chocolate painstakingly created by Godiva executive chef Jean Apostalou in Brussels. This behemoth could satisfy all your chocolate needs until Easter 2018 – it doesn’t get any more outrageous than this size or price wise, but a girl can have Lady Godiva-esque dreams! If spending your month’s rent on chocolate is a little out of hand, £180 will buy you a miniature version of this designer egg.

Skelligs Solid Easter Eggs

Crafted in the wilds of Kerry, Skelligs produces some of the finest craft chocolate in Ireland. If biting into an Easter egg leaves you feeling hollow, Skelligs Solid Easter Eggs are ridiculously decadent at nearly half a kilo of pure chocolate heaven. Mint crisp, honeycomb and caramel lovers, the Easter Bunny has you covered with these absolute treats, which can also be personalised, for €15.

For luxury lovers, Skelligs have gilded the lily and made the humble egg even more appealing with the opulent addition of Champagne to their 54% cocoa solids Champagne and Vanilla Egg, also solid. This dream egg is also available in 1 kilogram size for €35, if anyone is wondering what Easter Egg I would like…

Thornton’s Pecan Pie

Thornton’s Original Special Toffee can most aptly be described as golden nuggets of pleasure, and studded into a maple syrup scented milk chocolate egg with clusters of pecans, Thornton’s Pecan Pie Easter Egg is truly decadent. Why have a plain egg when you can have one that is basically a dessert? A no brainer, available for €17 in Brown Thomas.

Thorntons exclusive in-store personalisation service also allows customers to make Easter gifting even more thoughtful as in-store chocolatiers can add a special message or name to your chosen egg. Select either the luxurious and sophisticated Continental Easter Egg or the indulgent Marvellously Magnificent Easter Egg (both €30) – of course crafted from the finest milk chocolate. Extravagance with your name all over it!

Booja Booja

For those of us who do our best to avoid dairy, all is not lost on the luxurious Easter Egg front – didn’t Jesus himself say love everyone? Booja Booja offers exquisitely hand decorated keepsake eggs, painted in Kashmir and filled with their outrageously delicious dairy and gluten free truffles. For super smug luxury, pick up a large egg lovingly stuffed with with Fin de Champagne spiked truffles, in the Hopsack, Rathmines and Holland and Barrett.


UK Chocolatier 'Prestat' Brings Luxury Gin Truffle Easter Egg to Ireland's Shores

We all have a vice or two, and if chocolate isn’t where the list of vices ends for you, Prestat’s Gin Truffle Egg may just satisfy your every want and need. Have your G&T and eat it too with this boozy beaut, crafted out of Mediterranean lemon oil scented milk chocolate and filled with gin-spiked white chocolate truffles. I probably need say no more, but this alluring egg is available for €20.95 in Fallon and Byrne.


M&S Easter Egg

Every year, M&S egg-cells in the art of the Easter treat. This year their magnificent range uses single origin chocolate, carefully hand decorated with intricate designs as standard. One of the stunning new eggs for 2017, called Which Came First Milk & Dark Chocolate Chicken & Egg is a truly unique egg crafted out of Ecuadorian milk and Dominican Republic dark chocolate with a gold-gilded chocolate chicken hidden inside – the gift that keeps on giving!

The Proper Chocolate Company

Hand-crafted in Glasnevin, Proper Chocolate Company Easter eggs are made with chocolate lovingly made from ‘absolute scratch’ meaning from the cocoa bean into bars and in this case, stunning bespoke eggs. They are the only bean to bar chocolatiers based in Dublin, making these beauties deliciously exclusive plus they come beautifully presented in a matching Italian-designed opaque box for the chocoholic with style!

These chic eggs are available in 58% Ghanaian milk chocolate for €35 or even more luxurious milk filled with housemade Gianduja squares for €40. Dark chocolate lovers can get their fix from the 75% Colombian Tumaco egg, also €40. Order yours in person at Honest2Goodness Market in Glasnevin and The Green Door Market in Dublin 8 or email info@properchocolatecompany.com.

Cocoa Atelier

Handmade Irish chocolate eggs are an extravagance in themselves and chocolate wonderland Cocoa Atelier has a stunning offering this Easter. Their beautifully elegant large eggs, available in milk, dark or white chocolate are dotted with candied fruits and nuts in a stunning concave section of the egg. This is Cadbury’s fruit and nut with a serious upgrade priced at €25.

Although not an egg, Cocoa Atelier’s ‘Rabbit in a Hat’ (€15) is a furry little milk chocolate character who deserves a mention – cocoa butter is air sprayed on the surface of this cutie to create a 3D fur effect, so he is both realistic and delicious!

Bean and Goose

Irish craft chocolate Bean and Goose is a fantastic example of the evolution of chocolate here in Ireland. Their single origin chocolate Easter offering includes Irish hare and goose shaped treats but their Dark Chocolate & Milk Chocolate Egg with Irish Sea Salt Caramel is the real standout. Small but perfectly formed and designed to be the same size as a real goose egg, this delight is filled to the brim with oozing handmade Irish sea salted caramel. Pure. Indulgence. Order yours on www.beanandgoose.ie or forever hold your peace.


The last name in luxury gifting, the pastel packaging of Laduree immediately screams indulgence and extravagance before you even uncover the delicious contents. The stunning Laduree boutique store on South William Street is a treasure trove of gift inspiration at any time of year but their Easter offering is irresistible.

Choose from small but perfectly formed eggs for €16 or an exquisite large egg for €37. If you cant walk away with just one Laduree delight, opt for a beautiful gift box of four candy-coloured luxury chocolate eggs for €52. Bonus? You are totally justified in picking up a box of macarons for yourself if popping into the store!

Fortnum and Mason The Colossal Egg

Weighing a mighty 1.4kg, this spectacular treat is the egg that keeps on giving, like a Russian doll of deliciousness. The collossal egg fits five different-flavoured eggs inside – milk chocolate caramel, then chocolate orange, then chai, then signature rose & violet, and finally the zesty Mitcham mint. Obviously, such extravagance has a hefty price tag but for £90 it can be yours should you happen to be passing by a luxury Fortnum and Mason store (word to the wise – there’s one in Heathrow T5 if you’re passing through on Easter holidays!).


Darina CoffeyGrowing up with the name Darina, I was constantly asked if I could cook like my namesake. With that(and greed) as the ultimate motivator, I realised that baked goods make excellent bribes and an obsession was born! I am the only person to have contested both Masterchef and the Great Irish Bake off, fuelling my desire to focus on food in a serious way. Working with TheTaste allows me to satisfy this craving and marries my food fascination with my love of writing and ranting.

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