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Experience the ‘Gin Lane Market’ at SODER+KO This Weekend

The Beefeater Gin Lane Market is coming to SODER+KO this Thursday to Sunday (1st – 4th October).

The Gin Lane Market will give Gin fans the opportunity to experience a gin master class and learn the secrets of the gin distillation process, enjoy different botanical flavours and try their hand at creating bespoke gin & tonics.

The Gin Lane Market experience incorporates different distinctive botanicals and market flavours to create bespoke Gin & Tonics.

SODER+KO’s Gin Lane Market experience is free to enjoy with drinks costing €6.

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Soder + Ko

BEEFEATER SEVILLE ORANGE: Beefeater & Tonic with The Bitter Truth Orange bitters & peeled orange garnish. Seville Orange Peel is Beefeaters most famous and distinctive botanical, the fresh, clean, citrus notes make it instantly recognisable. Orange bitters & garnish will draw out the sweet, delicate flavours.

BEEFEATER JUNIPER CLASSIC: Beefeater & Tonic with The Bitter Truth Old Time Aromatic bitters & a wedge of orange. The essential botanical in all gins, the juniper used in Beefeater grows wild in Italy and Macedonia and is harvested by hand. It provides the distinctive taste from which all the other botanicals are layered onto. Paired with classic Bitters for an aromatic experience.

BEEFEATER PEACH DUSK: Beefeater & Tonic with The Bitter Truth Peach Bitters & lemon wedge. Balance and harmony are all important when making gin. In Beefeater, angelica seeds impart fragrant, hop like notes with a floral character that enhance the musky flavours. Peach bitters & lemon wedge to create the ultimate pairing.

BEEFEATER EASTERN TONIC: Beefeater & Tonic with The Bitter Truth Lemon Bitters, lemon wedge & coriander garnish. Sourced from Russia our coriander seeds distil to release gingery sage and lemon flavours. These combine perfectly with the strong citrus elements of Beefeater to produce a spiciness that lingers. Lemon bitters & coriander draw out the Eastern flavour.

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