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Are You Surprised? The Most and Least Expensive Cities in The World Revealed

If you’re planning a holiday for 2018, you may want to consider how pricey a destination is before booking your flight.

The people at Hoppa have taken this stress away from us by releasing their annual report, examining 100 of the most and least expensive cities in the world.

Those wishing to splurge can enjoy a few nights in the world’s most expensive city, New York, which knocked Zurich off the top spot this year.

While this should come as no surprise, the average price for a night in the Big Apple comes in at an average of €392.09 per person per night.

On the other end of the spectrum, the cheapest city to visit is Kiev, Ukraine, with the average rate per night per person coming in at just €73.41.

Dublin is the 7th most expensive city in the world according to the list, with visitors to our fair city spending an average of €328.65 for hotel, food, drink, taxi and entertainment costs per person per night.

Most Expensive Cities

1. New York City
2. Copenhagen
3. Amsterdam
4. Venice
5. Los Angeles
6. Zurich
7. Dublin
8. Ibiza
9. London
10. Oslo

Expensive Cities

Least Expensive Cities

1. Kiev
2. Antalya
3. Manila
4. Denpasar
5. Siem Reap
6. Cairo
7. Bucharest
8. Jakarta
9. Kuala Lumpur
10. Sofia

For more information and to view more stats from the report, visit

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