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Exciting Street Food Pop Up Comes to Cocu Chatham Street

Jackrabbit is a cool new street food business that takes conventional fast food classics and puts their own unique flavours on them. They are all about food prepared with time, care and ingenuity. Expect ‘fast food…a long time in the making’. Jackrabbit will be taking up residency in health food hotspot Cocu, Chatham Street branch on Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights to bring their own take on ‘fast food’ done right.

Jackrabbit was conceived as a way of bringing chef Ian Marconi’s cooking style of big flavours & seasonal ingredients treated in non traditional ways and applying them to fast food and street food favourites. He wanted to offer items which are simultaneously very familiar and completely unique.

“I like the idea of fast food made completely from scratch using ingredients found in high end restaurants. My ‘fast food’ is full of fresh, natural ingredients to offset any indulgence”, Ian says. Ingredients like house-pickled chilli and carrots, intricate fresh sauces and signature spice mixes all make up the basis of Ian’s unique take on food.

Ian’s versions of fried chicken with a pomegranate, honey and harissa sauce or his pickled green chilli cheese fries are sure to satisy both the hardcore foodie and mainstream eater alike.

Ian learned his trade working at the prestigious Moro restaurant in London before moving on to a number of other highly respected London restaurants. He has made waves in the Dublin food scene since moving back from London, gaining critical acclaim for his ‘Parlour Games’ multi-course fine dining events and setting up the award winning ‘The Paella Guys’ street food company – a staple of the Dublin street food markets.

The Jackrabbit pop up at Cocu will bring their signature laidback, street food vibe coupled with big flavours and a fun atmosphere. Jackrabbit at Cocu will be launching on Saturday February 18th for one night only before Jackrabbit takes up residency for the foreseeable future from Thursday February 23rd, from 6pm to 10pm.

For more information on this new venture visit and

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