Event Schedule Announced for the Flavour.ie West Cork Summer Showcase 2016

Flavour.ie Summer Showcase 2016

A brand new programme of specially curated events for food lovers bringing together a unique selection of experts, chefs and producers in beautiful West Cork. The Flavour.ie Summer Showcase is a new programme for the summer months that will bring together some of the best experts, chefs and producers in Cork for unique, experiential food events.

Kate Ryan of Flavour.ie says: “Each event has been specially chosen and curated by Flavour.ie and in many ways will be a first for West Cork. These are all food interests that draw on my curiosity and imagination as a foodie passionate about local produce and producers. The events are all designed to provide a space for people to really learn something new that can be taken away and tried for themselves at home with ease in a relaxing, fun and engaging way”.

From a celebration of the successful Craft Brewing scene lighting up Cork right now with expert hints and tips on how to appraise beer; a new view on Essential Thai Cookery exploring the different flavours and methods of cooking in regional Thai food in dishes perfect for the summer; getting to grips with the fundamentals of Wild Fermentation – a process that it so important to maintaining gut health and for overall wellbeing and finally a chance to relearn everything you thought you knew about barbequing by immersing yourself in a masterclass with the foremost Pitmaster in Ireland today – elemental cooking with smoke and fire!

The events will be showcasing a number of local food producers to demonstrate the creativity that can be had with quality bread, cheese, beer, drinks, meat, fish and vegetables being produced across the region.

Kate says, “We have lined up a very special programme for you and will be delighted if you joined in! All events are taking place at the Celtic Ross Hotel in Rosscarbery overlooking Warren Strand – a beautiful spot to inspire the foodie in you!”

All tickets can be purchased securely online at www.flavour.ie/summer2016. Events include all food and drink on the day, notes, recipes and starters. There will also be a chance to purchase items to take away with you too.

Cork Craft Beer Tasting with Caroline Hennessy of Bibliocook & 8 Degrees Brewing
Friday 27th May 7.30-9.30pm
Caroline Hennessy is an award winning food writer and journalist, and author of Sláinte: The Complete Guide to Irish Craft Beer & Cider. Caroline was Ireland’s first true food blogger, starting “Bibliocook” in 2005 and hasn’t looked back since. Her husband is the co-founder of 8 Degrees Brewery and Caroline is heavily involved in the businesses PR and Marketing, cementing her passion for great Irish craft brewing as well as developing recipes for using beer in every day cooking. In this session, we will be tasting a wide range of craft beers from all over Cork with a special nod to the exceptional craft brewers of West Cork. This is a chance to really get to understand the craft brewing industry in the region and learning hints and tips from a leading expert in tasting and appraising craft brews. Caroline will also be bringing treats to nibble on demonstrating how versatile craft beer can be, not just in the drinking but the eating also!

Essential Thai Cooking with Piers Gourley-Diment of Asian Junction Catering
Monday 13th June 7.30-9.30pm
Piers trained at the Chiang Mai cookery school in Thailand, and spent 15 years working as a Chef in Thailand and Vietnam before returning West and setting up his hugely successful Asian Junction Catering company. Piers’ food is characterised by the authentic flavours of Thailand and goes to great lengths by importing essential ingredients to achieve that true Thai taste. If you are familiar with his market stall in Kinsale, Clonakilty and Bandon you will know what we are talking about. This event will have a focus on the Thai food and flavours that you can’t readily find in usual Thai restaurants in Ireland. Piers will be bringing you on a journey to uncover the subtle differences in regional Thai cuisine and prepare dishes from these regions for you to taste. Expect a spicy hit of South East Asia across four different dishes, all of which will be included in an exclusive recipe booklet for you to take away and try yourself at home. Ask questions, get involved and uncover a whole new world of flavour as Piers helps you to get to grips with the essentials of Thai cooking.
(please note that the food for this event will not be able to cater for vegetarians).

Wild Fermentation with April Danann of The Natural Rebel
Monday 4th July, 6.30-9.30pm
Fermentation of food & drink is an ancient art and a necessary skill to maintain a healthy, balanced gut – turning ordinary vegetables, fruit and water into a healthy, tasty & probiotic food is the ultimate quest for the Food Alchemist.
Join April Danann, Food Scientist, Clinical Naturopathic Nutritionist and an expert in Living Water wild fermentation techniques, for an evening in nature reconnecting to the finer points of nourishing your soul.
During this evening practical workshop you will be introduced to several methods of fermenting foods, various means of increasing nutritional content and bioavailability of nutrients as well as how to create exquisite tasting high vibration tonics.
Included in the evening are complete notes, your own sourdough starter to take home, loads of tastings and samples of food that is Alive!

Pitmaster with John Relihan of Holy Smoke
Sunday 21st August 3 – 7pm
John Relihan is Ireland’s foremost Pitmaster, Holy Smoke restauranteur and former head chef of Jamie Oliver’s Barbecoa in London is coming to West Cork for a never-before-seen-or-done Pitmaster Masterclass!
During this 5-hour long Masterclass, you will learn from the best in business all about creating brines and rubs; how to get flavour into your charcoal, and the difference between smoking, grilling and pit roasting. This event will be hands-on and as interactive as we can get you to be! All the food that John will use in his demonstration will be cooked throughout the day, with an epic feast from the pit roast to finish off the day! This is a completely unique food experience where you will learn everything you need to know to begin your very own Pitmaster journey.
The finale will be the uncovering of the pit smoker which will have been cooking overnight. Although the event ends at 7pm, stay for sundowners and eat until everything is gone – a Low & Slow Day from start to finish!

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