Etto at Home Review – A Slice of the City Centre at Home

Nothing says the weekend is about to start than a trip into the City Centre to have a meal in a restaurant. Well, the only difference now is that you collect the meal and bring it home and do your best to plate it up fancy. A trip to Etto is always a treat. The quality of what they produce, before and now, is top-notch. 

The dine at home box sells out most weeks, so you’ve got to be quick when ordering. The box was €64 and we got a bottle of wine too. All in it was €90, which is on the expensive side, but we had heard such good things we had to give it a try. 

We started with the nibbles. Amazing bread (so amazing I didn’t have time to take a photo as it was eaten), Olives, Salumi, House Pickles and the most amazing smoked almonds you’ll ever taste. A nice little treat to kick the tastebuds into action. 

Etto do a very good job of helping you plate up, by posting each of their dishes on their Instagram. Really helpful for people like me who are unable to plate food!

We moved to the starter, which was Asparagus, pea and wild garlic salad, burrata, white peach and hazelnut (vinegarette). Reading it we were both a bit trepidatious about the combination, but we plated up as best we could. Well my oh my, it was divine. Light, tasty and the whole dish came together like a flock of sparrows migrating for the winter. It was outstanding. 

As with all home boxes you can keep going that evening, or hold on and eat it at your leisure, which is what we did. We ate the main about 2 hours later. 

The main. Daube of Beef Cheek, potato galette, spring vegetables and lindi pepper jus. For those that know or don’t know me, I’m a beef snob. I love every cut of it and love it cooked in every way, and beef Cheek is up there with my favourite cuts. 

Getting this dish ready was simple enough. Plate things in oven, wait and then plate up. The only two things I’d suggest would be to tell people how delicate the piece of meat is, and also to give a little bit more, as the portions felt a little small. The taste, however, was great. Soft, and succulent. The vegetables were perfect. The sauce was so deep in flavour. The whole thing left you wanting more. 

Finally came the dessert. This little slice of tart looked like every other slice of tart, but it was so much more. Treacle and Sourdough tart, gingernut cream and bee pollen. Plating was easy. But I do need to practice my quenelle. This tart was outrageous. The cream and bee pollen the perfect foil to the tart. Just sublime. 

Overall the dine at the home box from Etto was great. I’d recommend it and am looking forward to trying their dine at home from Una Mas next, their sister restaurant. Overall a solid 8/10. 


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