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Easy Ethnic Lamb Dishes #TastyEasyLamb
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Travel With Your Taste Buds With These Easy Ethnic Lamb Recipes #TastyEasyLamb

From the spice-lined souks of Morocco to the sun-soaked shores of the Greek Islands, wanderlust is real and as much as we’d like to, we can’t always indulge ourselves in impromptu getaways.

As summer is officially over, holiday season seems miles away, but luckily we can control the travel bug by whipping up some delicious international dishes. Lamb is a staple ingredient in many ethnic cuisines, and lends itself beautifully to so many dishes which can make you feel like you’re having a little holiday when you whip them up.

Lamb’s distinctive richness means it can stand up to ample spicing and bold flavours, meaning lamb dishes are always exciting for the taste buds and even more satisfying for the busy soul, as they can be whipped up in far less time than it takes to plan your next holiday!

There are plenty of tender cuts of lamb which lend themselves to speedy cooking, with tonnes of recipe inspiration for quick lambtastic treats on We’ve taken a round the world trip with some of our favourite ethnic Tasty Easy Lamb dishes which you simply must try for yourself!

Lamb Tagine with Prunes and Almonds - Portrait

This Lamb and Prune Tagine is punchy, sweet and fragrant, laced with delicious cinnamon, honey and plump prunes for warming Middle Eastern flavours and a distinct Moroccan feel. The addition of the world’s most expensive spice, Saffron, gives this dish its authentic taste and fear not – you only need a strand or two and can even pick some up in your local supermarket.

Serve with a scattering of flaked almonds, plenty of chopped coriander and some flatbreads to mop up the delicious gently-spiced sauce – this is the perfect dish for colder evenings and is ultra-comforting.

Lamb Kebabs with Spices and Raisin Tabbouleh 2

Keeping up the Moroccan vibes, sumac, a slightly sour and lip-smacking citrus-edged spice which again is widely available) makes this quick and easy Lamb Kebabs recipe uniquely delicious. Sweet raisins and mint make for a vibrant and fresh tabbouleh couscous accompaniment so its a light, healthy and super simple midweek meal.

Ethnic Lamb and vegetable samosas

Forget your weekly takeaway and whip up your own crispy Lamb Samosas for an irresistible Indian treat at home. This is the most delicious way to use lamb mince, which cooks super quickly and delivers fantastic meaty flavour which is heightened with earthy turmeric and ground cumin. Crispy filo pastry, juicy spiced lamb and sweet mango chutney is heaven in a bite!

Ethnic Lamb Yakitori

Travel even further afield to the land of the rising sun with some Japanese lambspiration – this Lamb Yakitori recipe is packed with umami – sweet, savoury and more-ish yakitori sauce made up with soy sauce, rice vinegar and brown sugar.

You can either make tasty lamb meatballs with mince or used chopped lamb leg steaks to thread on your skewers – if you can, try both! Serve with some pickled ginger, quickly stir-fried greens and sticky rice for an Asian evening you will want to make a weekly occasion!

Greek Lamb Burger Tasty Easy Lamb

Nobody can resist a good burger, and these Greek Lamb Burgers are the perfect way to inject a little Mediterranean sunshine into your week. Ready to be popped into a grill pan in less than ten minutes, these lamb burgers are never ever dry.

Make yours even more tempting with toppings like feta cheese, i.e lambs best cheesy friend and quick pickled red onions. For extra Greek feels, replace the ciabatta bun with a flatbread to make an authentic gyro!


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