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Espresso Martini
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The Perfect Blend – Grey Goose and Coffee Culture Team up to Make The Ultimate Espresso Martini

Do you long to make the perfect Espresso Martini? Well, you’re not alone there.

The Espresso Martini cocktail is becoming increasingly popular and Grey Goose is perfectly placed to help increase the quality and demand for this extraordinary drink.

At a recent event in Dublin city, a number of eager learners attended a special evening to learn all about what goes into a great quality cocktail.

Taking place in Brother Hubbard North, this collaborative event between Grey Goose Vodka and Coffee Culture was the perfect blend of the world’s most popular beverage and the West’s most popular spirit and highlighted the importance of quality ingredients when concocting the perfect Espresso Martini, the definitive modern classic.

From measuring out the ingredients and shaking up a storm to getting that coffee garnish just right, the guests at this exclusive event were put to the test in the hopes of finding their inner Tom Cruise!

A real highlight of the event was tasting the difference between an Espresso Martini made with quality ingredients versus a poor quality cocktail made with too much sugar and cheap vodka.

Check out some photos from the event in the gallery below:

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