Epic Steak Night at Home with The Butcher Grill

Granted, it probably wouldn’t take a genius to work out that The Butcher Grill restaurant in Ranelagh is a steak restaurant! But if you are going to have a restaurant known for its steaks you better make sure they are good. From our experience, it is evident that the Butcher Grill know what they are talking about when it comes to steak and the quality of the beef is paramount to them. When we opened our at home box from the Butcher Grill there was a collective “OOHH” followed quickly by a “WOW” at the size of the vacuum packed, massive, tomahawk steak inside. As steak lovers, we immediately knew this was going to be epic!       

The instructions provided, told us to sear our steak for 1-2 mins on each side before placing in the oven to a set time depending on how you prefer your steak to be cooked.  To try replicate that grilled steak flavour, we seared our steak on the BBQ first, getting the BBQ to the highest temperature possible, to get that important first sear to seal in all the flavours and juices.  

While our steak was cooking in the oven for 18-20 mins, to give a nice medium rare finish, we turned our attentions to our starters. We chose the Antipasti €14 from the Butcher Grill at home menu, which offered a tasty Selection of Iberico chorizo, mortadella, salami milano, nocellara olives, smoked almonds and crusty sourdough. In addition to the antipasti, we had the Gambas which also came prepared in a vacuum-packed bag. This required simply heating up in the bag, by placing it in boiling water. When we then cut open the bag, we were met with the amazing aroma of the prawns in a red peppers bisque with Iberico chorizo.

The gambas came with fresh sourdough bread, with instructions to grill the bread before pouring the heated Gambas and sauce on top. The combination of the Gambas, red peppers and chorizo was absolutely mouth-watering and a perfect interlude to what was to come next!  The flavours brought us right back to the last time we enjoyed Gambas and Iberico chorizo pre Covid in Spain!

For our main, the steak we chose was the substantial 30 oz tomahawk steak €90, which serves two people, and then some! The quality cut of meat was marinated in the Butcher Grill secret dry rub. The sides served with the steak, were smoky beans with bacon, creamy mash potato and the Butcher Grill red wine jus. We also enjoyed a side of broccoli in a hazelnut dressing.

Like their sister restaurant 777, The Butcher Grill have a cocktail menu of impressive drinks.  We were advised by the restaurant to try the Old Smoky with our steak.  This is a Butcher Grill signature cocktail which comprises of Bulleit Bourbon, Homemade Pecan Bitters, Fresh Oak Smoke & Candied Bacon. We also had a Negroni which is a Martin Miller Gin, Carpano Vermouth, Campari & Orange Bitters. Both were excellently well-made cocktails that came in 250ml bottles. 

For dessert we had the chocolate cremeux, which came with a crispy Wafer and Peanut Butter Base. 

As a steak lover, the Butcher Grill did not disappoint. Do not let the price tag for a single steak put you off, you could feed a small family with the size of the steak we had! But, beyond the size, was the impeccable quality and most importantly the superb taste. The Butcher Grill are well deserving of the reputation they have built and as soon as they open their doors again to welcome dinners, we are sure that reputation will just grow from strength to strength.


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