Elegant and Modern Cuisine At Home – Richmond Click & Collect Review

Richmond Street and its vicinity are packed with hidden gems set to delight food lovers. Richmond Restaurant shines bright, offering a contemporary menu in which ingredients and technique complement each other in the hands of Head Chef David O’Byrne.

After more than five years, the place has established itself as one of Dublin’s beacons of modern cooking, versatile and relaxed, but refined and well thought of. It has earned praise from a triangle of sources that not always agree: the press, who has celebrated since its opening; the spontaneous commenters, who share their impressions on review sites or social media; and the Michelin Man, who granted it a Bib Gourmand, an endorsement that promises ‘good quality, good value cooking.’

Richmond Restaurant’s Call & Collect menu has adapted their ethos into a format that is practical and enticing for the at-home diner. They change often, so the dishes below might differ from what you’ll find in a few weeks, they offer a picture of what their cooking is about: flavourful, well-crafted dishes that have an elegant balance between simplicity and pizzazz.

We ordered from ‘Lockdown #3 Menu #11’. Richmond Restaurant had what I have begun to consider the at-home equivalent of good service: A neat and no-nonsense website, with an easy to find menu and contact information at hand. 

They were friendly and helpful over the phone, and organised and considerate in person when collecting. My order was very neatly packed (which is so great if you’re walking or cycling) and while there is no cooking needed, they gave me some simple serving tips. While you could technically enjoy their food as it arrives, I do believe it’s worth to plate it and make a bit of an occasion out of it.

We started with Pork broth, black pudding dumplings and cavolo nero (€7.50), an unexpected flavour bomb. The broth was rich and the dumplings were meaty and firm but not overly dense, just the right spot. The slightly bitter touch of the cavolo nero (a.k.a. Tuscan kale), offered a pleasant crisp contrast to the savoury broth and the softness of the dumplings.

Also as a starter, we tried the Roasted celeriac & Comte cheese pie, hazelnut cream (€7.50). A cheesy hill of goodness, with a golden, buttery exterior, and a creamy heart where the nutty and earthy character of the Comte was enhanced by that of the celeriac and bound together by an indulgent dollop of super soft hazelnut cream. 

For the mains, there was a beef option and a seafood option. Being a fish fan, picking the Richmond fish gratin, thermidor sauce, peas, leek (€13.50) was a no-brainer. Sometimes, delicate fish can be overshadowed by a big sauce, but on this dish, it respected the fish’s own flavour and texture. Buttery, creamy, and generous, it made for a beautiful rendition of a classic. 

My dinner companion went for the Marsala glazed beef short rib, shiitake, wild garlic and shallot (€13.50). The dish promised, with its appearance, to be a celebration of earthy flavours. It delivered and then exceeded expectations, with a playful variation of textures that ranged from the super soft beef (no knife needed), the chewy and umami-rich shiitake, and the crunchy, smokey shallots. The wild garlic sauce added a touch of herbaceous freshness. 

We shared a side of Baby potatoes, Café de Paris butter (€4) along with both mains. The portion was generous enough for two, and it went well with both mains.

Wine lovers will have one more reason to smile when browsing Richmond Restaurant’s menu, as they are offering a selection of their wine list at half price. We accompanied our meal with Geil, Riesling, Rheinhessen, Germany ’18 (€22), which paired at its best with the fish main, refreshing the palate with its high acidity after each decadent bite.

Finally, we shared a dessert. Richmond’s Lemon posset, blackberry and chocolate crispy (€6). The lemon base was zesty and with a moderate sweetness, delicate and light. The blackberry sauce not only added a joyful touch of colour, but a pleasant layer of tangy berry taste. Being a citrus lover, I would have been ok without the chocolate, but it added a nice, crunchy end to the treat. It came in a transparent container, which was pleasant since it’s a layered dessert, although it was not as easy to re-plate as the rest of the meal.

Dinner for two from the Call & Collect menu at Richmond Restaurant was delightful. The dishes transported well, and showed that expertise and sophistication that comes from the hand of a professional chef. We shared two starters, two mains, a side, a dessert and a bottle of wine, and the bill came at a very moderate €74.

As mentioned, their menu updates frequently, so you might encounter something new when you browse it. If you’re looking for that restaurant feel, and for top quality at a reasonable price, Richmond Restaurant is surely worth the try, keep it on your radar and don’t wait until a special occasion, as the food itself will prove to become it.

Richmond Restaurant

01 4788783



43 Richmond St South Portobello, Dublin 2.


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