You Can Now Bring The Sparkling Eiffel Tower to Your Love This Valentine’s Day

When you think romance, odds are that Paris and the shimmering Eiffel Tower are never far from your thoughts.

While you may not have time to visit the city of love before Valentine’s Day, you can treat that special someone to a truly unique gift.

Every night, 20,000 bulbs help the tower to sparkle, and now you can treat your love to a piece of what makes Paris shine.

The Eiffel Tower is currently selling authentic ‘Diamond Lights’ from the wondrous attraction. This is a thoroughly unique gift, with only 450 of these light bulbs available.

Attached to a Venetian red base, each light is unique, carrying its own markings and imperfections.

Now, a gift like that doesn’t come cheap, costing €540 including tax. If you feel like this is the ultimate gift for your love, you can find more information here.

To get a taste of Paris, read our recent feature, which focuses on the city’s most romantic districts, Marais and Montmartre.

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