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Moving With The Tide – Ebb & Flow Coffee Shop Review

“Great coffee doesn’t just happen” – these words are painted above the door of Ebb & Flow Coffee, a gem in the heart of Clontarf.

As soon as you walk through the doors of Ebb & Flow Coffee, you’re greeted by the smell of coffee beans and the sounds of people chatting amongst themselves over a cup of their favourite steamed beverage.

The dark blue-grey exterior is also found in the more minimalistic interior, with the café’s white walls helping to create the light, airy feel. Bathed in natural light, the bright space’s relaxed atmosphere was incredibly inviting.

Arriving mid-morning for a post-breakfast, pre-lunch pick-me-up, our eyes were immediately drawn to the colourful treats calling out from the far end of the countertop.

While my guest ordered our coffees, I selected two delectable treats, deciding on two beautiful looking pieces.

Nabbing a seat by the window in favour of the wooden benches opposite the main counter, I take a moment to appreciate the beautiful sea views in the distance.

While sipping my Latte, made using Full Circle Roasters, I decide this café would be a great place to come relax following a brisk seaside walk at the weekend.

As we lounge on the cosy red cushioned bench at the front of the café, my guest happily sips her Oak Milk Flat White, impressed by the froth. Oak milk isn’t found in every cafe but its subtle sweetness and ability to froth make it an absolute winner.

We don’t get very far into our coffees before grabbing forks and turning our attention to the sweet treats waiting patiently on the plates below us.

We first sample the Pistachio Ganache square, which was a true taste of smooth chocolatey heaven, made even better by the nutty crunch of the pistachios.

Next up was the Cannellini Bean Cake, a dense, creamy dessert with a zesty base, ground almonds and a cream cheese topping. This indulgent treat would also appeal to the health conscious and those unable to digest gluten as it’s gluten free.

Both desserts, though small in size, were quite dense and filling, with one piece nearly being enough for two people to share.

The café also stocks a number of vegan goodies, including coconut bars and Vegan coconut buckwheat chocolate granola pots, ideal to kick-start your morning. The delicious treats at Ebb & Flow Coffee are supplied by Bakelicious and Camerino.

Had we arrived closer to lunch, the café also offers a number of homemade sandwiches, salads and desserts.

When paying, we also noticed that Ebb & Flow offer Espresso Tastings, which are no doubt, another reason coffee lovers are drawn to this petite café. I also noticed on their Facebook page that they’ve had the odd book club meeting, something I would be intrigued to check out – you can’t beat a cup of coffee paired with a good book!

On their website, the café encourages visitors to “stop by and see what’s good”, and I couldn’t agree more. They also emphasis the importance of using speciality coffee and local produce to ensure fine quality products:

“We use speciality coffee to allow our custoemrs taste seasonal, varying tastes from around the world. The quality does not stop at coffee; for us it is through all our locally sourced products, from our breads, to our milk and treats. We want to allow our customers experience quality products in a friendly and fun atmosphere.”

Visit Ebb & Flow café on a bustling street in Clontarf for a nice, chilled out time and a friendly atmosphere, complete with great coffee and treats.

The total cost of all ordered products came to €12.30.

Ebb & Flow Coffee,
56 Clontarf Road,

T: (01) 853 2536


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Sarah loves exploring new places and sampling the local cuisine. Working with combines her love of food and travel.

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