Dublin Gastronomy Symposium
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Dublin Gastronomy Symposium Returns For Passionate Gastronomes

The Dublin Gastronomy Symposium 2018 returns on 29th – 30th May. The DGS is a forum for those working or interested in gastronomy research to join together to network and discuss the latest gastronomic news.

The theme for this year’s symposium is Food and Power. The forum is for like-minded people to engage in academic discussions about all things food related.

This year’s convention will feature the topics of food branding and marketing, food and gender, food and media, food politics, food history sources and many more interesting topics.

More than fifty speakers will be at the event, which is a space for interested gastronomes to interact with each other outside of formal presentations.

Peruvian ambassador to Ireland, Carmen McEvoy Carreras, will be the keynote speaker this year, introducing the theme of Food and Power.

The first day of the event will see Darina Allen and Tom Jaine being presented with fellowship awards to the DGS. Darina is a best selling author and cook and Tom is a former restaurateur and food writer.

The fellowship awards recognise individuals who have been leaders, mentors and visionaries in the food studies and gastronomic and culinary education both in Ireland and abroad.

The awards will be presented by Dr Máirtín Mac Con Iomaire, lecturer at Dublin Institute of Technology.

Speaking at the event will be Peter Hertzmann. Peter is a renowned food writer, having launched his own hugely succesful website  à la carte and writtina book on knife skills called Knife Skills Illustrated: A User’s Manual.

He will be giving a talk on Food and Government Power in the United States.

The two day event will finish with a Powers Irish Whiskey Tasting followed by the launch of “The Food Issue” a special edition of the Canadian Journal of Irish Studies.

The Dublin Gastronomy Symposium will be held in Dublin Institute of Technology on Cathal Brugha Street. To register for the event log on here

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