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Dublin Airport
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Dublin Airport to Trial New Honest Eats Service With Marqette

There’s nothing worse than rushing through the terminal with no time left to eat or drink before boarding your flight.

Whether you got distracted shopping in the Loop or simply got held up in traffic or going through security, not having time to eat and drink is very frustrating.

This is where services like the Plane Water boxes are immensely useful. Located throughout Dublin Airport, these honesty boxes are incredibly popular, with passengers dropping a euro in the unmanned boxes.

Inspired by the success of Plane Water, Dublin Airport is trialing a new honesty-based food outlet. Passengers can select food and drink from an unmanned fridge and pay at a self service checkout.

Scanning the code for your product, this service will be a true test of people’s honesty. The fridge will be installed at Marqette‘s airside location and will have a range of up to 73 different food and drink products.

Speaking about this new initiative, Dublin Airport Managing Director Vincent Harrison, said: “We are constantly seeking to improve the passenger experience at Dublin Airport and are delighted to be working with Marqette to trial the new Honest Eats concept.”


Marqette owner Michael J Wright added: “Honest Eats has the potential to work really well in an airport setting where passengers in a hurry want to grab high quality food and drink on the go. We’re really excited to be working with Dublin Airport to test this new concept.”

Award-winning Marqette was named the best airport food hall in the world last year at the FAB Awards and they’re up for the award again this year. Read our interview with general manager Michael Thornton for more information.

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