Under The Sea – Dubai’s ‘Floating Venice’ to Add New Meaning to The Word Luxury

The futuristic city of Dubai is adding to its collection of jaw-dropping luxury buildings by opening a luxury underwater vessel resort.

Already home to the world’s biggest indoor theme park and on the way to opening the world’s longest zip line, Dubai continues to create insane attractions for its many visitors.

Opening in 2020, the Floating Venice will offer an “authentic Venetian experience” in the Middle East and the resort, which is technically classified as a boat, will have an underwater deck with accommodations, restaurants, bars, and shops.

Above the water, the Italian-inspired design will feature domes and gondolas, as well as 12 floating beaches. If this wasn’t enough, there will be more than 400,000 square feet of coral reef beyond the deck.

Joining the likes of Poseidon Undersea Resort, the world’s first sea floor resort, in Fiji, and Atlantis The Palm, which has two underwater rooms built into the hotel, also in Dubai, Floating Venice is sure to attract millions of tourists when it opens in 2020.

It may be time to start planning an exciting trip to the UAE’s popular and unique city. It’s so easy to get to Dubai too as Emirates offers daily direct flights from Dublin airport to Dubai.

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