The Queen of Brunches: Drag N Brunch at Bow Lane on the Last Month of Every Month

The Queen of Brunches: Drag N Brunch at Bow Lane on the Last Month of Every Month

The catchy tunes of Pink’s Get the Party Started performed by drag queen Dolly Grip made clear from the start that Drag N Brunch at Bow Lane wasn’t your usual Mimosa sipping, small talk-perfect, quiet get together. Held at Bow Lane on the last Sunday of every month, if features live entertainment through the afternoon and thanks to the music, the dancing and the sheer fabulousness of the show, it is one of the coolest and probably the most creative brunch you can find in Dublin.

Davina Devine shines as the brunch’s audacious hostess, MCing and making sure every one is having a great time as she introduces one glamorous lip-syncing number after the other. With a sharp sense of humour and flawless timing, the four performers gave their 100% while the audience was sipping on Bow Lane’s craft cocktails and enjoying their brunch menu.

Dishes included classic brunchy flavours with a twist, such as “House smoked Salmon on toasted bagel, cream cheese, avocado salsa, crispy capers, fried egg” or the hearty “Truffle Eggy Bread, Bacon, Mushroom, Fried Duck Egg, Maple Syrup, Crème Fraiche”, as well as some others a bit more out there but equally delicious, like the “Barbecue Duck, sweet potato fries, cajun aioli, fried egg.” The cocktail selection ranges from the non-acoholic detox mixes to the seriously boozy treats.

Volunteer (and volunteer-ish) members of the audience had the chance of participating in games to win prizes (a.k.a. drinks) as the evening went by. There’s no cover charge to join the fun, however, booking is strongly recommended for those who want to enjoy a full brunch on the day (you can also drop by for a drink or two).

Bow Lane Social

17 Aungier Street
D02 XF38
Tel: +353 (0)1 478 9489

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