Dom to Your Doorstep – You Can Now Get A Champagne Delivery Within an Hour

Champagne Delivery 2

In the modern world, the thought of waiting more than an hour for whatever your heart desires to be delivered to your door is downright unacceptable to some. Apps like Deliveroo have ensured that most delicious indulgences are at our fingertips at all times, but Dom Perignon has taken the concept of instant gratification to new heights with the launch of a Champagne Delivery Service.

The luxury Champagne house is taking the hassle out of high class living by trialing this new initiative, which means you can have a chilled bottle of Dom delivered to your doorstep, in less than one hour.

Champagne Delivery 2

Vintage Dom, Rosé and P2 are all on offer as part of this luxury service, which will be only be available to bubbly fiends in New York and Miami initially.

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