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Diwali at Doolally
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Diwali at Doolally – Celebrate The Festival of Light From 6th-12th November

From Monday 6th November to Sunday 12th November, Doolally will celebrate the traditional festival of Diwali with a series of culinary specials created by Head Chef Vipin Kishore.

Diwali, also known as the ‘Festival of Lights’, is one of the most important religious celebrations in Hinduism. It marks the start of the Hindu New Year and is a joyous occasion that celebrates the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. Over five days, families come together and brighten up their homes with colourful lights and oil lamps. They exchange gifts and partake in feasts that honour the gods and goddesses of Hinduism.

The exact dates of Diwali can vary depending on the Hindu calendar, but the celebration usually takes place between the months of October and November. It marks the start of new beginnings and promises of a better future. This year, the celebrations take place around Sunday 12th November.

Doolally Head Chef, Vipin Kishore, has created a special Diwali menu inspired by the vibrant colours, flavours, and traditions of the ancient festival. With the aim of capturing the essence of Diwali through a culinary experience and sharing it with Doolally dinners. The dishes featured on the menu offer a variety of new flavours and ingredients. These new additions include great vegetarian and meat-based dishes such as Shakarkand & Kamalkakdi Ki Chatt, made with lotus root and sweet potato, and Pathar Gosht, lamb meat marinated with exotic flavours and cooked on a hot stone. To finish off the dining experience, Head Chef Vipin has included two traditional dessert dishes; Moong Dal Halwa and Daulat Ki Chaat. 

Doolally’s festival specials will be available only from Monday 6th November to Sunday 12th November, so we recommend you don’t miss out on these tasty morsels! Doolally will be closing early on the evening of Sunday 12th November to allow the team to celebrate Diwali with their friends and family. 

Bookings for the Diwali Festival at Doolally can be made at or on (01) 533 7562.

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