Divorce Cakes
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Cutting Ties by Cutting Cake – Divorce Cakes are Trending and Here are Some of the Best

There is little in life that a slice of cake can’t make better, and it seems some couples are now hoping this will ring true for their marital woes too by ‘celebrating’ the end of their marriage with divorce cakes.

Divorce desserts are trending the world over. While there have been no reports in Ireland just yet, the owner of Adult Cakes by Kim, a bakery in Houston, recently told NPR that she has an “entire selection of divorce cakes,” and even makes cakes for individual marital problems.

Indeed, one of Kim Say’s customers is a lawyer who orders several of these divorce cakes each year to send to his clients.

You have to admit, a cake is a sweet way to soften the blow of those legal bills.

Here’s a look at some of the best divorce cakes making the rounds on the internet.








and this guy celebrated divorced life with cake in an altogether more dramatic fashion…


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