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Social Gallery – Discover the Unexpected with Master Brewers & Top Chefs

Stack A Restaurant at Urban Brewing in Dublin’s CHQ Building hosted a very successful #DiscoverTheUnexpected — Top Chefs Meet International Master Brewers event on the 28th of November.

In a unique twist, elegant food was paired with delicate and complex beers to celebrate Ireland and Galicia’s shared excellence in brewing and cooking. The evening featured a unique kitchen collaboration between Urban Brewing’s head chef Dan Keane and Michelin star guest chef Xosé Torres Cannas of Pepe Vieira restaurant, Galicia, Spain — with Xosé having cooked with ingredients he brought specially over from Galicia.

Each chef created three courses and each dish was carefully designed to complement and highlight the special characteristics of a different accompanying beer from each region — two from Urban Brewing, brewed on-site in its microbrewery, one from O’Hara’s Brewery, and three from Estrella Galicia.

Seamus O’Hara and Leo E. Vasileiou of Urban Brewing were joined by Urban Brewing’s head brewer Mickey Lynch and Abel Blanco Sampedro from Estrella Galicia in welcoming guests. The menu opened with alcohol-free Estrella Galicia 0.0 and a shellfish dish by Xosé of Scallop Cured in Salt with Aerated Fennel Soup, whose citrus and sour flavours brought out the lightness and very refreshing character of the beer. Urban Wit.

A Belgian-style wit beer by Urban Brewing, was served with a Salt Baked Celeriac second course by Dan that highlighted the flavours of coriander and orange peel of the beer. Estrella Galicia World Lager accompanied a third course of Robaliza Casserole Stew by Xosé,
which featured the classic Spanish ingredient of cod tripe cooked in a cod broth. This stronger seafood dish brought out the lager’s fresh and floral tones with herbal notes.

Estrella Galicia’s 1906 Reserva Especial accompanied a rich La Patata Del Cocido fourth course by Xosé of potato stuffed with a
stew of pork, ribs and skirt steak that enhanced the lager’s pleasant caramel and coffee notes as well as its roasted flavours.

The fifth beer of Urban Bock accompanied a dish by Dan of Haunch of Glenmalure Venison with red cabbage pureé, spiced wine, bitter chocolate and blackberries that highlighted the beer’s rich, sweet and malty flavour notes. O’Hara’s Leann Folláin, which is aged in first fill American bourbon oak barrels, was served with the final dish by Dan of Spiced Pumpkin that brought out the light bourbon notes and flavours of vanilla, dark fruits and oak of this smooth, rich and luxurious stout.

The very special #DiscoverTheUnexpected – Top Chefs Meet International Master Brewers event was held in association with Urban Brewing, O’Hara’s Brewery and Estrella Galicia.

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