Discover Bonac 24, a Newly Launched Fine Irish Gin Made in Wicklow
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Discover Bonac 24, a Newly Launched Fine Irish Gin Made in Wicklow

Bonac 24 is the first product from a new distillery established in Newtownmountkennedy, Co. Wicklow. Gavin Clifford, the young man behind the distillery explains that it’s going to be available nationwide early on 2017. His partner in the project is his father, Michael: “Growing up, I had seen my father establishing a successful business and I always thought that I would like to do the same”, Gavin says.

After he graduated from UCD, Gavin went to the US and he took the challenge of getting an in-depth knowledge of the country’s drinks industry in the context of the hospitality sector while in New York. Back in Ireland Gavin and his father began working with an Irish branding agency to establish an authentic brand. Research took father and son to the UK and France to craft distilleries.

After ordering a still from one of the oldest still manufacturers in the world, father and son continued to develop their gin as well as the branding. “There are so many decisions to be made when creating a brand – decisions about bottles, their shape, type of glass and colours and then labels, fonts and a websites.”

Regarding the origin of the name, Gavin explains: “We developed our name from a place where I spent a lot of time in New York and where I really had a connection to. We finally decided on our finished product, our 24th samples which read with the name Bonac 24. We decided to incorporate the number into the name, again because it was something real and authentic. “

The botanicals used in Bonac 24 are juniper, Angelica root, cassia, coriander, star anise, cardamom, cucumber, spearmint, pear, lemon, bergamot and curacao. Bonac 24 can be served perfectly with a premium tonic water garnished with mint and lime.

Bonac 24 is available in O’Briens Wine at €40, currently on offer from €45.

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