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Dingle Distillery Launches New Four Seasons Gin

The Dingle Distillery has launched a limited edition Four Seasons Gin. The collection consists of four 200ml stacking bottles presented in a tower with one to represent each season.

Capturing the essence of spring the first gin has a balanced mix of floral notes such as gorse flower, dandelion, nettle and rose petals, with hints of lemon and orange peel for a springtime lift.

The summer gin is a sweet tasting gin with a creamy texture and a mint and floral undertone.

Ripe fruits are abundant in the autumn version with a peppery spice and a long finish of cardamom and ginger. This unique gin also consists of locally foraged black-berries, hawthorn, rowan berries and rosehips.

Finally, Elderberries and hawthorn berries have been combined with seasonal spices for a distinctly wintry character.

The ideal gift for all gin lovers, the limited edition Four Seasons Gins are available directly from the Dingle Distillery (Trade Only), The Whiskey Bar and selected outlets nationwide.


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